New Laptop, New Life by The Incredible G


I bought a new laptop/tablet recently (& am typing from it as we speak) :

It's a Microsoft Surface Pro. Intel i7 Processor, 256GB memory with 8GB of ram. So far it's been pretty good. Should be able to support Star Trek Online & many other games.

The best part of it is I might be able to draw with it! I bought a pen & a keyboard cover with it. It will take some time to get use to drawing on a smooth screen, but as soon as I get my Adobe programs loaded, the learning curve can begin. I plan to buy a portable mouse for it, too. The Surface cost me a pretty penny; But my job as a warehouse trade in the house construction industry was more than enough to afford it. Plus, my old laptop has seen better days.

Regarding that new job [that I've had for a year]: It isn't the web design career I've always dreamed about, but I'm content with it right now. I work with a great team in an environment that's much more casual than my previous retail job. Small companies are the best <3 . They have this friendly atmosphere where I can get to know others & feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm glad the internet exists, because it can afford people to fashion their own businesses that help it's employees on a personal level. Long live entrepreneurs & small business owners!

Happy Spring!
The Incredible G

New Laptop, New Life

The Incredible G

30 April 2018 at 21:24:19 MDT

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