MAY SIGN UPS OPEN by ConbadgeExchange

Invite your friends!!!!

It's that time again, the one where we do the fancy sign ups.

A few notes

  • Sign ups are open 7-10 days. If you are participating in the previous round, DO NOT sign up unless you have turned in for the previous round.
  • If you owe art/are blacklisted on Furaffinity do not sign up, the blacklist extends here and there!!!
  • You will receive a note when sign-ups close on who you are to draw.
  • DO NOT sign up if you will not be able to complete a badge by the deadline of ~one month.
  • Humans are allowed but please give a second option including a furry character as not everyone is comfortable with humans.
  • If you have complicated/monster characters they are also welcome but it is recommended you give a secondary character as well since this community does allow beginner, harder creatures can be a little out of their level.

Weasyl Username: Your Weasyl Username (please put YOUR USERNAME HERE, even if the badge is for someone else or a character account, this spot is for OUR RECORDS) Do not type out your username as a link or icon, just spell your name, I literally like being able to copy/paste names quickly and easily.
Character Name: Name of your character that you would like on the badge, if the badge is for someone else you may link the user here after typing out the name on the badge as a benefit to the artist.
Gender: What gender(s) your character identifies as
Species: What species your character identifies as
Reference Image: Any reference images you can provide.
Description: A brief description of your character plus anything else that isn't on the reference sheet.
Accessories: Does your character have any accessories?
Rating: The maximum rating you would like your badge to be. As a reminder, the maximum rating allowed here is R, note if someone picks a rating of R it does not mean YOU MUST draw R related work it's just the max of what they want to receive, most badges are clean and safe for work so don't feel you have to draw sexuality or gore. BADGES ARE NOT PORN! X rated material does not exist here.
Anything else?: Any other relevant information about your character? Would you like a certain theme for your badge?



24 April 2018 at 18:10:33 MDT

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    Whichever you prefer:

    • Weasyl Username: VoltWolf
    • Character Name: Voltaire or Volt, take your pick.
    • Gender: Male
    • Species: Fox/Wolf (Mainly wolf, but very fox-like in nature and ears.)
    • Reference Image: My ref. sheet, and many of the other images in my Traditional Artwork folder.
    • Description: I'm seventeen years old, with turquoise fur and simple black markings. Aside from this, I've got white hair, green paw pads and claws, as well as green eyes. Medium build. Eyebrows.
    • Accessories: Simple gold-colored cross necklace; hangs from a strip of black leather. I sometimes wear a simple gold earring in my left ear.
    • Rating: I mean, it doesn't really need to be higher than PG, right?
    • Anything else?: Let's see... May... the beginning of Summer, and the end of the school semester... I'll probably be playing a lot of Minecraft.If you could draw me with a diamond sword, probably striking a confident or fierce position, that'd be really cool. Maybe even a bow hanging from my back, if you're up for it.
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    Character Name: Vapor
    Gender: Androgynous, okay with either pronoun (born female, so usually "she").
    Species: maned wolf/"spotless" cheetah hybrid
    Reference images:
    Description: Generally easy-going, friendly, loyal to companions, but can also be very aloof and hermit-like.
    Rating: G
    Anything else? Has control over water and can emit mist from her fur. She has two dew-claws on her front paws; the inner ones are normal, the outer ones come off the ulna, and end at the bend of the wrists. It's May, so something spring-y?

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    Username: WikkedFoxButt

    Character name: newt

    Gender: Female

    Species: Mutt

    Reference image:

    One ear up one ear down. ALWAYS.
    newt is a female aussie husky mix who loves space and aliens

    Accessories: collar or bandana

    Rating: ANY

    Anything else:
    Would love something "men in black" themed

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    If it's not to late, I'd like to join. If it is then I'd be happy to be a floater, and fill gaps or take adoptions if needed! :)

    Weasyl Username: novacaine
    Character Name: NovaCaine
    Gender: Female
    Species: dragon wolf
    Reference Image:
    Description: Fun, playfull, often times mischievous.
    Accessories: Blackhawks jersey (#19), or casual clothing (jeans an t-shirt)
    Rating: PG
    Anything else?: Have fun with it! :)

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