FurTheMore 2018 - Networking,Reconnecting,Reviving by sirkain

Was probably the most bizarre/surreal, socially active and networking-happy con I have had in so many years heh.  

The bizarre: I am a real estate investor since last July full time wise.  I go to a local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) called Traction REIA that's held in the Sheraton Hotel every 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month.  It so happens that's same weekend FurTheMore is there and some furs were in the lobby while I went down to the meeting on the basement C level. 150 or so investors/realtors/wholesalers in there and networking with a few. Ends at 930pm and while at the elevator one started to network with me while going up to the lobby level. Step out of elevator keep talking then Fox E Wolf notices me and hi 5's walking by... go back to chatting with Realtor then a fur-suiter randomly hugs me who recognized me, go back to talking like nothing happened. she didn't care nobody did. I was like "WTF just happened? worlds just collided and no smoke." heh.

Bizarre 2: On way to Traction REIA Thursday night, my best friend Mike (a non fur friend of mine since the early 90s) pages me "Hey do you know anything about this FurTheMore thing?" .... "...Yes?" "I got a friend going there, doing a panel or something." "...Oh? Who is it? know what they are planing to do?" "hes doing a panel there and some artist stuff for his Peter and Company comic" worlds collide in my head hearing this "Wait I know who that is haha! " So turns out peterandcompany's creator has been working at my best friends place for a couple years now. Small world!

Socially Active: I think over the 2 days i was fully there for (left noon Sunday from hotel to home cause of stomach issues/exhausted) I got to go to the dealers room and artist alley ONCE in a 10 minute span. Board gaming room once in a 5 minute span and the rest i was always running into people in the lobby/zoo area and bar area the rest of the entire con. Was crazy! If I tried to go to the exit or try to go elsewhere NOPE someone I recognize haven't seen in ages comes to view and we start to chat. Or they see me and stop to chat. I sit for a few minutes happens again and again and again all day and night haha. Wore me out but I was loving every second of that.  Went to one panel - the Novafurs town hall on Friday and learned rechner stepped down from owning/running that group and now a lot of changes are happening. Curious to see how things go for him and for the group and its staff. That's a rough thing to (re)organize and (re)structure. geenz, GMNChampion and I talked a bit after it was over.  A weird "past, Present, and Future" novafurs admin thing going on there (Me from past in late 90s, GMNC from the mostly current one, Geenz now handling the future one with the current staff). Had some show in my room in the overflow hotel Friday night and Saturday night for drinks food old cartoons and chatting. Both nights of that were very fun too.

Networking: Some I ran into seem to be curious about Real Estate now or I am learning of others in the fandom that do real estate/have been for a long time and getting contacts down.  Was a surprise and an awesome thing to me at the same time cause now I got more than just furry stuff can chat with to some of these.  And of course more potential to build some business relationships/leads for each other, so hopefully some more win-win situations to come from that.  On a different side of networking I have a few furs who are looking for help at some point on when they whatnot move out/buy a place they want someone they trust to give some help on getting a place they want at what they can afford and not get screwed by lackluster realtors or bank offers for loans. (some i talked to got burned on both things).  Some curious how I got into it, where to start if they want to do investing/realtor/rehab stuff or just what got me inspired to get out of the J.O.B. lifestyle and to the entrepreneur/businessman lifestyle.  I will do my best to help them on all of those things.

Also over the con weekend we got another property..., so think that makes us own 5 different properties now, 1 has 3 rentals on it and we may get a lot more rental properties soon if a current deal in the works  pans out in our favor. Been very busy with that past couple weeks and soon should see that money flow my way from the first property going on market to flip in a week. very very tight on the little funds remaining i got but I know wont be that way for much longer.  

I hope those I missed that were at the con I can hopefully catch some time soon if not at the next FurTheMore or meet that is in the area we both can go to.  time to hit the sack now and prepare for a busy week again. Back to business mode. 
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FurTheMore 2018 - Networking,Reconnecting,Reviving


23 April 2018 at 00:00:27 MDT

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    Next Fur The 'More is March 15th through 17th 2019, same hotel. It's the 7th year so you better get your spy gear.

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      I don't plan to miss it, and get same setup done past 2 years now - get room in overflow, stay Friday through Sunday afternoon.