Finally got to read the first issues of IDW Sonic by wakeangel2001

Hey, I'm still trying to track down a place to buy physical issues of the new Sonic comic without having to pay more for shipping than the comic itself costs, but I have finally read the first 2 issues and I think it's off to a pretty good start. I was really surprised to see that it's basically a direct continuation of Sonic forces, this has interesting implications. Of course the easiest thing is that it has a door wide open for classic Sonic cameos, perhaps he'll even talk so we can get an idea how his personality really is, but what I'm really interested in is how this might affect the comic's interaction with any upcoming games. Remember, we got those 4 mini comics released as a prequel to Sonic forces, and now the proper comic is following right after, it reminds me of how the Sonic Boom cartoon did some integration with the video games after Fire and Ice. Does this mean that the next Sonic game with feature developments made in this comic, or is this a spinoff that will have nothing to do with future games aside from adaptations? I can see positive and negative points for both of those, though for what it's worth the latter is basically what the Archie comic did and it had a successful 24 year run. I didn't talk much about the story of the book itself, but that's because I don't really want to get too much into spoilers or just do a recap. Suffice to say they have done a pretty good job fleshing out the world set up in Sonic Forces and all of the characters are familiar to us (they might feel a little bit more like the comic versions of the characters than the ones from the game, but I chalk that up to the fact that is IS basically the same writers and artists who did the Archie comic so they're comfortable presenting this a certain way.) The biggest difference might be Sonic himself, in the Archie comic he was the leader of an organized militia who was grounded in a specific homestead and almost always worked with a team, but here he is MUCH more like his game counterpart, a wandering adventurer who can always be relied to to help but never stays in one place for very long. I love how Sonic basically quoted a line from the Crush 40 song "It doesn't matter" to sum himself up. "Living by my way. My own way." If you weren't familiar with Sonic before then that is basically all you need in order to get him. That being said the comic doesn't bang you over the head with introductions, it knows there is already a huge fanbase and nearly everyone is at least basically familiar with these characters (one failure of the archie comics were that they would often put a caption box below a character with their name and role when they appear in an issue EVERY SINGLE TIME.)

Bottom line, read this comic. It's clearly made for fans by fans but is genuinely good and I feel anyone should be able to enjoy it.

Finally got to read the first issues of IDW Sonic


15 April 2018 at 23:15:38 MDT

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