FurDU 2018 Meme by SilverSheep

Copied from Aussie Luvtail

-Where are you staying?
Mantra on View hotel

-What day are you getting there?
Thursday Night

-How are you arriving?
Driving up in Stripes Tiger's bus with a bunch of furs.

-Who will you be rooming with?
Warbrin, Tyro and a mystery person.

-Who will you hang out with during the convention?
Most likely my friends.

-Are there events you might be attending?
The Lupe Suit photo shoot, the dance parties other than that just seeing what's going down.

-Will you be suiting?
No, not this year but I have ordered a fursuit so watch this space.

-Do you do free art?
No, but I can take your photo if you'd like.

-Do you do trades?
I can trade hugs I suppose but if you mean art and stuff not really.

-What is your gender?

-How old are you?

-Are you taken?

-Can I talk to you?
Yes, I'm not there just to be seen.

-Can I touch you?
Yeah as long as it's not like those dudes in the lobby at FWA sure.

-How can I find you?
I'm walking around with a camera and I'll be wearing art badge.

-Can I visit your room?
No, because I'm sharing it with different people.

-Can I buy you drinks?
Yeah sure.

-Can I give you stuff?
I'd rather just hugs and a nice chat.

-Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Always down for hugs. Snuggles if you're not a creep.

-Are you nice?
As long as I've had a coffee recently.

-How long are you going?
Full convention and leaving on Monday.

-If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Walk up and say hello.

-Where will you be most of the time during the days?
Conspace, the beach and the dance floor.

-What/where will you be eating?
I like to go out to a local cafe for breakfast and have lunch somewhere close and get a big dinner. I want to avoid Maccas or Subway I don't go to the Gold Coast for fast food.

-Can I come with you for fun/food/etc.?
If you see me going somewhere there is no harm in asking.

-Can I pet your suit?

-Are you excited!
FurDU feels a bit surreal this year because I am not the one planning my travel arrangements. All I gotta do is turn up with the cash. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a disaster. I am trusting people to come through.

FurDU 2018 Meme


14 April 2018 at 05:12:56 MDT

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