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It's Saffron Month by Zaezar

You all know my Carracal character Saffron? She is the newest one in my group, getting her a few months ago. Yet she is seriously in need of more information/artwork. So I am spending the free time this month to work on her. Planned are a proper ref for her and at LEAST getting through this list of artworks for her I have on my phone. I got her and instantly came up with a few drawings I wanted to make. But only did one before I had to do other stuff. So fuck it, this month is Saffron month. So much so that this month's Patreon Wallpaper is going to be entirely Saffron. Any amount of support can vote on what gets made, but only $5 and above actually get access to it before it goes public <3

Her reference is first, however. So once you see that then you know its about to get all carroty in here. Hope you are as excited as I am!

I WAS TRYING to post this journal for a few days. But life just keeps making me busy to the point that when I get a chance to post this I completely space about it. I also do apologize if my journals are more commissions based rather than information like this. But I tend to only make a journal if its something important/noteworthy and life hasn't been too interesting beyond slowly ramping up my stream schedule. I hope you all have had a good time this weekend, however!

It's Saffron Month


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