Recovery Update - ANE Seems Possible Now, But Still Worried by Cyan Glaciertooth

I would like to share an update on my recovery.

For those that don't know, over a week ago, as I was driving home from Worcester, I got into a really bad car accident. I got t-boned by another vehicle, leaving me unconscious for a few minutes, before waking up and discovering my car all totaled. I was sent to the hospital for two CAT scans, two x-rays, an EKG, and an ultrasound. The diagnoses turned out to be a closed fracture on the bottom part of my spine. Getting up to sit up or stand up was painful, as well as going to sit down and lay down. I was also unable to walk as fast as I used to.

I've been making great progress since, however. In addition to remaining alive, I'm fortunate to have recovered quicker than expected. The pain in my back is gone, and I can walk at a normal speed again. I'm very happy and proud to have gotten through this phase in quicker time than expected, not that I even tried to rush through this recovery. It might be because since this was only a minor fracture, and nothing worse, which is why I was able to recover so quickly. It probably didn't get worse than a closed fracture because of all the Vitamin D I consume.

My chances of attending ANE are better again. However, since I don't have a car now, I have only two options. I could take public transportation to and from the convention, or have someone ride me over to and from the con. If I'm to fursuit there, I may need someone to ride me over to the convention. I don't think I can bring my fursuit along in the cardboard box it was delivered in when taking public transportation. If someone would be willing to give me and my fursuit a ride to and from the con, that would be super. Send me a note if you'd be willing to help!

All this aside, I'm ready for ANE. However, as excited as I am about going, I still feel quite skeptical about next weekend. With the trend invovling the state of our fandom these past few years, incidents caused by furs both local and global, I couldn't help but become worried of what could happen wrong at this convention. I still expect ANE will be great as they have always been in the past, but who knows? If there's any trouble, I won't get involved, unless I feel it should be addressed to con staff. I just want to enjoy the con, and let others enjoy it too, without other people's expense. I hope everyone else does the same.

If there's anything else that comes up, like another unforeseen event that interferes with my availability to go to ANE, I'll post it. In the meantime, to those going to ANE, see you all when I see you there!

Recovery Update - ANE Seems Possible Now, But Still Worried

Cyan Glaciertooth

18 February 2018 at 16:48:00 MST

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