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Some decent news! More submissions coming soon! by TheOtherEliArts2001

I've actually been sketching a lot lately, and I have also been quite busy with art related stuff. Once I'm done, I may have more than one thing to put online. They may be sketches or finished pieces, but they'll still be something nonetheless. Though I apologize for not uploading very often. I just get distracted too easily.

I also plan on introducing a new human character, which is exciting. And you'll probably be seeing more anthro beastman types, which is also pretty cool. The best part is that all of them may be part of an actual story. And the people who view my content on any social media platform I am a part of will get to see the construction of the characters and the worldbuilding that I may need to do. I'll be giving hints as to what the story may be through the descriptions of my submissions. So if anyone is interested, check out my profile every now and then. I'll be putting something up soon.

Some decent news! More submissions coming soon!


4 February 2018 at 23:51:46 MST

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