Fabulous February 2018 by SilverSheep

I have plenty to be grateful for so far this year. I've really been a patron of the furry arts. Picking up some more art commissions in January. One of my favourites was the hypnotic werewolf piece from Red Feather Storm. I'm waiting on a piece from Chibi Marrow and my reference sheet for my fox Braxton from Muttasaur. I'm hoping to have Braxton ready before ConFurgence so I can get some art commissions of him.

At the tail end of January, I took some photos at Trak's Birthday party. It was a privilege to be invited. I was glad to get my camera out to get some more practice before my Melbourne trip. ConFurgence is set to be good, with many of my friends attending. I've even picked up a travel buddy in Katsu who will be flying down with me on the plane. I expect greatness with crazy room parties hosted by that Arctic wolf Diego.

My 31st birthday is on February the 8th. I've planned a meet up down in Sydney to celebrate it. I've made many friends in the Furry world and I'm feeling more at ease at furry events. I've been invited to a secret project that I've code-named "Beauty of the Brass" that's going down in May. My calendar is filling up. There is going to be a Sydney furry barbeque after my birthday in February that will get me some more photo opportunities before the main event at ConFurgence.

The stories I've written in December have got great attention. Someone has even asked if I take story commissions. I'm not that good of a writer but it's a confidence booster for sure. I've set up a Ko-fi tips profile as a challenge to myself to see if my work is worth paying for. A kind of measurement of my skills. I've already received a large tip so it's already surpassed my expectations. Look forward to some great photographic content coming your way in 2018.

Fabulous February 2018


1 February 2018 at 01:55:24 MST

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