Any military knowledge out there? by Kinaj

I am doing it. I am getting stuff from my list done! :D
After I don't know how long it's ago that I've started this and didn't finish I've finished the structure of the European fleet. When I've started the list I think it was still a fleet of a united planet. Oh well.

The list can be seen here:
(Btw, don't forget, wips, sketches and stuff, all on my art Twitter)

If you happen to have any military knowlege, my own isn't that great and I've worked with lots of research here, it would be great if you could share your thoughts on this with me. In the end I hope to have a structure and organisation that would actually be practicable and since I can't test it in years of real life practice...

So give me a comment, send me a note, whatever. Feedback is very appreciated.

Any military knowledge out there?


12 January 2018 at 18:30:46 MST

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