New Year's Survey! by Volt Siano

So, a new year is coming up. You excited?

  • I'm excited to spend the night watching movies and drinking soda; I'm also excited about having the day off tomorrow.

Any regrets about this past year?

  • I kinda' sucked up on the ACT, so I'll have to try it again next year if I want any financial aid.
    And I decided it would be a good idea to experiment with my oral hygiene: Do I really need to floss, and do I really need to brush twice every day? Yes, I do. Several cavities have made that apparent... I'm such a fool...

Any accomplishments you're happy about?

  • Oh, yeah! I passed International Relations like a boss, as well as Argument and Persuasion earlier in the year. (Was it really that recent? Spring semester feels like such a long time ago.)
    Apart from school, I guess... yeah, this was the year I finished my fursuit – man, that thing turned out well! It's gotten a few nice comments within the few times I've worn it, and around Halloween time was when I finally understood why everyone says that making people smile is the best part of fursuiting.
    However, I probably wouldn't have had any of those fursuit outings without discovering my local furry group. I'm really glad that I did – beyond having a community of like-minded people that I can meet with in person, they've really given me more opportunities and more drive to be sociable, just like my parents always wanted.

Are you fearful of anything that could/will happen next year?

  • Sucking up the ACT again and having to pay for my college courses.

What about hopes for in next year?

  • Finally reaching the age and education level necessary to start down the path towards becoming a trucker (you know, driving on the interstate all day while drinking soda and rocking out to your favorite tunes). Aside from coaching – which I currently do, and which I find quite stressful at times – I've never been surer about the career path I want to take, and this one doesn't involve dealing with rambunctious children who don't want to be coached.
    Oh, and I hope to continue my evasion of long sleeves this winter. I used to be such a cold wuss, and I got tired of wearing two layers while everyone else was sitting around in their T-shirts in sixty-degree temperatures. Granted, winter has only begun, so it's bound to get colder than it has been, but hopefully I'll be able to power through.

And, of course, any new year's resolutions?

  • That's an arbitrary concept; I can resolve to do better anytime I want.

Feel free to use and/or edit these questions to make your own journal! Just shoot me the link, 'cause I'd like to see how you answer them.

Oh, and go sign up for a conbadge exchange with the Conbadge Exchange Group! It's fun, you get wonderful art, other people get your glorious art, and it gives you motivation to try something that you've probably never done before.

New Year's Survey!

Volt Siano

31 December 2017 at 08:02:37 MST

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    I hope you can achieve "betterness" in the next year! :)