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Sigma’s Commission Information ((Copied from deviantart))
Hello! Finally finished and able to post this information here. I’ve been slowly working on stuff for it over the past week or so.

All the information needed is on these pages but if you have more questions feel free to contact me!

There is very little I will not draw. I usually take anywhere from a week to a few weeks depending on what you ask me to draw. Sometimes It may only take me a few days depending on my schedule and how busy I may/may not be!

If you ask for mechanical/mecha/heavy machinery it will take me longer than it would a normal character. (I would actually say about a month if not a few weeks.)

If your character has a super complex design- no worries, I am capable of doing very complex things but we will have to talk about the details of this in DM because like mecha/etc. it may take me a bit longer!

Information available but not listed: I do design characters/clothing/weapons/other and do take design commissions- please be aware this takes a lot of correspondence from both me and you(the one paying) you can’t give me info then disappear for a week and come back expecting me to be finished with your design. Prices for this vary so much that I can’t list it on the sheet it really is customer to customer basis.

My direct means of contact are listed on the sheets because I get phone notifications for them but here are more:

Animasigillum- tumblr, twitter, twitter, DA || My instagram/skype is private || Discord: Animasigillum#0167 || weasyl/furiffic- I don’t check these often but for commissions I will be.

If you want to support me regularly (or with small amount of money every now and again) please think of subscribing to my Patreon or donating a small one time amount of a few bucks on my Ko-Fi

Patreon get to see my exclusive content for my current project under the current codename of ‘Destiny’ I’v been rolling out sketches and paintings at a decent rate but I’m about to get into the real nitty-gritty stuff soon!

Commissions OPEN


19 December 2017 at 13:35:07 MST

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