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Brief Update - Calendars Enroute/YCHs/2018 Commissions by TwilightSaint


Time for a brief mission update! There's not too-too much going on, but I do have some important updates I wanted to announce before things get busy again! Depending on my schedule and how filled up it gets, this could be among, if not the, last Journal updates prior to 2018.

For those celebrating this time of year, Happy Holidays, Merry Everything, and have a wonderful end to 2017! Enjoy all the time you have with friends and family, and travel safely! <3

-2018 Calendars Ordered!
-Current & Upcoming YCH Auction Pieces
-2018 Commissions
-Social Media Updates - Twitter!

-2018 Calendars Ordered!

For those who have ordered a 2018 Art or Fursuit Photography Calendar, all orders have been placed and are in progress with my printer! I will keep everyone updated with periodic updates as I receive notifications of their status and any other pertinent information.

I am going with a different printer this year, but I'm very excited with them! I've ordered products from them in the past and have always been impressed. The quality of the calendars this year may be the best yet!

Due to my extending the opening date for the calendars by just over a week, they will not be arriving prior to Christmas! Which really, they may not have arrived prior to Christmas even if I'd shipped them a week in advance, what with the mass amounts of online ordering and hiccups going on with the holiday crunch from retailers and carrier companies. But, they should still arrive either just before or after 01JAN2018, depending on whether you are in CONUS or OCONUS! :>

Didn't get a Calendar this opening but still want one?! Don't worry!!!

Due to lots of interest and high demand, I will be holding ANOTHER OPENING for 2018 Calendars in 2018 itself! This opening will start in January, and go for a while longer as well! Stay tuned for updates closer to that time, and don't hesitate to ask me any questions about this! :)

-Current & Upcoming YCH Auction Pieces

For those interested, I am holding another 'Your Character Here' Auction Piece right on FurAffinity! You can check it out and find all the information right here!

You may have noticed I've been cranking out a bunch of YCHs, much more than before! This is due to both wanting to delay by next big Commission Batch Opening until after the holidays, (sooo much going on with that!) and also because I have a HUGE backlog of awesome sketches I whipped out during deployment! I have dozens of thumbnail sketches that I did for exercises, and I absolutely love how they turned out! I've been working on polishing them up to offer as YCH Auctions, and I've been really happy with the results.

There are several more feral dragons coming up, (you can NEVER have enough dragons in your life, come on, people, hehe!) and also a few anthro characters, as well!

I'm also toying with the idea of possibly making some of these 'Limited Run' YCH Pieces, where I'll offer '5 slots' of the same sketch for people to purchase. These will not be held as auctions, but instead similar to my Journal Batches - first come, first served, to claim one of the slots for the limited run YCH sketch. I'll likely be testing this out with smaller examples before moving on to larger and full-body shots!

-2018 Commissions

As stated above, I am holding out until 2018 to hold my first large-scale Commission Batch Opening! Multiple reasons - mainly due to the holidays, and also ending up waaaaaay busier than expected since I've gotten back from deployment. I'm serious, my life has been non-stop globe-trotting since I've been back. Some fun times, like conventions that I was amazingly blessed to make it to! But also some very tough work times, such as finishing a big qualification board I had, preparing for an advanced training regimen, and standing by for out-of-state detachments as well. It's been crazy!

My first opening of 2018 will include a wide assortment of pieces, including, but not limited to: Several full-body, any shading style slots / Several Icon slots / Sketches / Badges //

ULTIMATE REFERENCE SHEETS. Yes, I know you're all wondering. I WILL BE opening for some Ult Ref Sheet slots in 2018, but I will be revamping how I open for these. Without revealing too much, these will not be available in my standard Commission Batch openings via Journal, but will instead be made available as one-at-a-time runs in between Batches. This will, on one hand, make them easier to get, (no constant refreshing to comment at the first slot!) but will make the process slightly more involved. You'll see what I mean when I get there - still a little ways off! :) And I'll of course be posting with all of the info closer to that time!

Commission Batch openings for other slots will still be first come, first served, however. BUT, you can get ahead of the opening with to-the-minute announcements for Patrons! Patrons also get exclusive first access to YCH Auction Pieces, some Commission Batches, experimental Commissions, and early access to full resolution pieces!

-Social Media Updates - Twitter!

Phew, lots of info in a short amount of time! :> For those looking for more to-the-minute and frequent updates regarding current art projects, upcoming conventions, fursuiting adventures, and even sneak peaks into upcoming art projects and maaaaybe even openings, I post more often on Twitter!

Twitter is where I most frequent and is the quickest for me to make a fast update, but I'm also very active on the following Social Media sites!

Again, Happy Holidays and Merry Everything to folks celebrating holidays! :) If not, have a wonderful New Year and wrap up to the year 2017!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Brief Update - Calendars Enroute/YCHs/2018 Commissions