Stocking Stuffer 2017 Reminder! by TerinasTiger

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the picture of my new character Cerise. Not much to say about it here except that it'll be my last update until Stocking Stuffer 2017. Remember that? It didn't stop being a thing or anything. Here, have a reminder:

Stocking Stuffer 2017

In the tradition of “HypnoBear Week” before it, I’d like to see if I can’t get other people in on the fun: I would like to create a tradition of artists, authors, and furry enthusiasts creating and uploading content for future Stocking Stuffer updates

What do you get out of it?

As an author/artist/creator? Well, at the very least, let me know when you upload an entry, and add the tag “StockingStuffer2017” to your art/story/whatnot, and I will promote it here in my journals in a Master List of all Stocking Stuffer 2017 entries! Might help you reach a new audience you haven’t reached yet. Might just be a good way to get attention. If you take commissions and want me to shill for you, I will even advertise your business for you!

As a reader/viewer of fine furry smut? A lot of fun content all at once. That’s pretty much it. But I don’t think you’ll be complaining about that.


Ok, I know likely SOMEONE will complain, but I’m just trying to start a fun holiday tradition here. As long as it makes most people happy, I’m happy.

How do I participate?

If you have art/a story you want to be part of Stocking Stuffer 2017, here’s what you do:

  • Upload your content between the days of December 22nd through December 26th, 2017.
  • Add a tag/keyword/whatever of “StockingStuffer2017” to the work while uploading it.
  • (Optional) Mention in the description that this is part of Terinas Tiger’s 2017 Stocking Stuffer Update and maybe link to my FA page in the description. This is optional but SUPER appreciated!
  • Send me a PM via FA, Sofurry, Inkbunny, whatever, mentioning you’re participating and give a link in the PM to the work that’s part of the update! Please specify if your update is Naughty (Darker content, such as bondage, hypnosis/corruption, bad ends, etc) or Nice (Sweeter content, such as more consensual kink, cuteness, affection, romance, etc) in the PM.

​Does My Content Need to be Holiday Themed?

You’d think so, and it IS encouraged, but no! Any stories or art or other works you want included in this new emerging tradition are allowed to participate as long as they meet the criteria listed above! Maybe next year it’ll be holiday themed, but it’s NOT a requirement for Stocking Stuffer 2017!​​

And that’s it! Once I get the PM and see the content, I will add your work to a master list of all “Stocking Stuffer 2017” update stuff, and mention it in future journal entries. I will also advertise for you and your online presence if you wish it.

I'm actually rather curious to see if anything comes of this or not. The way I've worded it, you can pretty much upload anything between the 22nd and 26th and claim it as part of the update as long as you follow the "Naughty or Nice" format. Next Year it'll probably be a requirement that it's holiday themed but for now I'm not making that rule, since I'm trying to get this off the ground.

I'm stupidly excited to see if anyone participates. Will a holiday miracle happen and people other than me get involved? Will I be the only one and look like a doofus online (The most TERRIBLE fate imaginable!)? I don't know!

Let's find out together, shall we?

Stocking Stuffer 2017 Reminder!


6 December 2017 at 19:31:12 MST

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