Alive again! by LuluAmore

Alive again! Woo!

Got interwebs installed yesterday, YAY! So I should be back to being able to post things!

Life has been, interesting lately as well as busy, so I don't have the backlog I'd prefer for the comic. But that's not such a bigger for here given it's like 40 panels behind. Woo.

But once I've got that caught up (which'll probably be the new year or so? Depends how adamant I am for catching it up. Which.. admittedly I probably am. So probably will be before the new year.

Then it's going to be a matter of if I can manage 3-5 new panels each week from there on (I SHOULD be able to do this if I stop being shit, really). But that means I'll then be caught up with my FA. Which is both good and bad. Bad cause the updates wont be big dumps at a time like they are currently. Better cause it means I can finally cross post the info all at the same time on.. two places! So instead of getting mass dumps at once, it'll be like single posts every other day. Yeah!

And with all the places I'm uploading this catching up to each other, it means I can spend less time sitting and mass uploading images and work on new ones. So yay. Much yay.

Lets just hope the holidays don't destroy me too bad.

Anywho! Alive now! I have interwebs! And supposedly we're getting aircon looked into in the next week or so. So not a melting death ahead of me. Extra yay!

..Now just to get some money coming in. Blargh.

Alive again!


6 December 2017 at 17:47:25 MST

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