The empathy police: A reality brought to you by Facebook by Mircea

A quick heads-up to everyone here who uses Facebook: When you make a comment or reply to other posts, be careful what sort of feelings or emotions you betray toward other people or sensitive social issues. You are not allowed to show any hint of empathy or understanding toward folks who are pushed into committing acts of violence by their aggressors, and are obligated to follow strict mob mentality in every observation or belief you merely share. If you don't then you are instigating to violence, and will have your ability to comment blocked for 24 hours (also to click the "like" button, that's apparently very important when pointlessly repressing users).

What happened is that I wrote a comment on a post by EFF, which spoke about the government's latest disgusting internet censorship plans. My original comment was deleted so I probably can't find it any more, but it basically said something among the lines of:

"Things like this make me have a degree of understanding toward people who get to the point where they commit armed attacks on governments."

Because frankly, that they do! I did not endorse any acts of violence, I did not claim to support those people, I didn't even say it's a good thing: All I said was that I'm beginning to understand what leads to people being enraged to the point of eventually turning on their governments even through military means. I won't even get into the fact that they actually gave a shit about a simple reply on a post... a fucking string of text that spanned two lines, in a field that was probably going to get hidden after being buried in a sea of other comments.

But nope: On the virtual police state simulator Facebook, you are not allowed to claim that you understand people who are pushed to the brink by the stupidity of those who rule them. How dare you express a feeling of understanding not allowed by the site administration! You're obligated to show only critique and hatred when the site demands it, otherwise you're breaking something that is apparently still called "community guidelines".

My message to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who will obviously never see it but ask me if I care: Get your shit straight dawg! I know you once said that you see your site as a religion, but this is ridiculous. Perhaps you should rename "community guidelines" to "bible" and "blocking" to "burning the heretics" at this point... such would be more accurate to what you're doing and how you people understand the internet. Facebook is beginning to resemble online what China and North Korea resemble in real life, which further proves my point that people everywhere are having serious authoritarian mentalities they need to get checked before dealing in running a major service.

The empathy police: A reality brought to you by Facebook


30 November 2017 at 17:27:54 MST

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