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List of Holidays during “The Holidays” 2017-2018

Here is this year's list of holy days and civil occasions during the 2017-2018 holiday season. Note: I define “the season” as Advent Sunday, (which varies every year), through Twelfth Night, (the twelfth day after Christmas, which is always January 5th.) The total count is different every year. Also, most “national days” are Canadian.

December 3rd – Advent Sunday (Christian, ends 24th), International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 4th - International Cheetah Day

December 5th – Krampus Fest (trad.), Day of the Ninja

December 6th – Feast of Saint Nicholas (Christian), National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

December 8th - Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Christian), Bodhi Day (Rohatsu, Buddhism)

December 9th - International Anti-Corruption Day

December 10th - Human Rights Day

December 11th - Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster (Canada)

December 12th (sunset) - First Day of Hanukkah (Jewish, ends 20th)

December 12th - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Catholic)

December 14th - Monkey Day

December 15th - Zamenhof Day (Esperanto), International Tea Day

December 16th - Posadas Navidenas (Hispanic Catholics, ends 25th)

December 18th - International Migrants Day

December 20th - International Human Solidarity Day, World Barking Day

December 21st – Winter (December) Solstice, First Official Day of Winter, Yalda (Zoroastrianism), Yule (Pagan & Christian)

December 23rd – Humanlight (Secular Humanist), Festivus (for the rest of us), Christmas Adam

December 24th – Christmas Eve

December 25th – Christmas Day, Feast of the Nativity (Orthodox Christian), Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (Sikh), Newtonmas (Secular Humanist)

December 26th – Feast of St Stephen (Christian), Zarathosht Diso (Zoroastrianism), Beginning of Kwanzaa (to January 1st), Boxing Day, National Whiners Day

December 27th (sunset) - Asara B'Tevet (Jewish)

December 28th - Holy Innocents (Christian)

December 29th - Tailang Swami Jayanti (Hindu)

December 31st – New Year’s Eve, Watch Night (Christian), Holy Family (Catholic)

January 1st – New Year’s Day, Mary Mother of God (Catholic), Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus (Orthodox Christian), Feast Day of St Basil (Orthodox Christian), Gantan-sai (Shinto)

January 2nd - Day After New Year’s Day (PQ), Mahayana New Year (Buddhist, ends 4th)

January 5th – Guru Gobind Singh birthday (Sikh), Twelfth Night (trad.)

January 6th – Epiphany (Christian)

TOTAL – 54
Christian – 15

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List of The Holidays 2017-2018


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