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Update + Happy Halloween! by Zeta-Haru

Happy halloween guys, do something fun tonight! :3

Small update on how I'm doing:

Wrist is doing well but I still need more time before I start using that hand again. I got medical assistance and I'm taking medicine to heal faster and reduce any pain :o
I was diagnosed with Tenosynovitis on the wrist and it should be fine as long as I do what the doctor said ^^

After a couple of days I have to wear this special glove all the time in order to gain strenght and make things normal again. Hopefuly it's easy to draw with it but I'll do what I can without forcing anything.

Thanks for all the support I received, it helped me feel better and brave after taking a hit like this. Like a friend said, it's like forced vacation D: And I'm still not used to typing with only the left hand... I also took a break from everything.

The good side of this accident is that it made me realize a ton of stuff, like how people with disabilities are heroes, I respect them even more now. It also made me get in touch with my old self from when I didn't make art at all. Gave me a new perspective on life, and served as an alert for me to eat healthier and start exercising if I want to live better as I get older.

Better late than never!

See you next time and thanks for understanding and supporting this broken fox ;w;


Update + Happy Halloween!


31 October 2017 at 08:05:32 MDT

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