A Note About Collections by SpiderMilkshake

^w^; In response to numerous requests by blank accounts and others to add lots of my work to their collections, I feel the need to make a note of what I allow collections on Weasyl for.

I hold true to the original purpose of the collections! In short, they're a way to cut down on double submissions by people who order commissions, hold art trades, or earn requests from artists. Essentially, it allows the original artist to submit their own work, while also letting those who bought, won, or claimed that work to collect it in a way that signifies it was made for them. This is great because it allows the people who had the work for them to have it all in one place, and it allows the original artist to get the main credit for their work, solving one of the user-based problems that I encounter on FA very often (which is, browsers favoriting and commenting on the repost and not bothering to check the original).

In short, don't bother trying to "collect" my work if it isn't yours to collect. It can be a work you like, sure! That's what favorites are for. But as for adding work to your collections--I only allow it if it's actually a commission, request, art trade or gift made for you.

:D Thanks for reading.

A Note About Collections


28 October 2017 at 17:14:51 MDT

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    I think it also helps people discover new artists. When my friends get something in a collection—I think I actually go and watch the artist 90% of the time. :)