The Biggest Odyssey Content... EVER! by BlazRtheDragon

Welcome to the Daily Dragon Tab. I'm BlazR, your #1 official host within this post, bringing you the latest news and discussions, as well as upcoming info, events, media and other content based beyond the real world and anywhere else in between!

For about two days, Nintendo has been acting a lot quiet when it came to all kinds of 3DS and Switch content. And there wasn't a surprise... until now! The Kyoto, Australian and European divisions have all pitched together to bring us a whole new animated video performed and written by Kate Higgins, all while being accompanied by a perfected blend of live action and CGI put together! You can click right over here to fully witness the awesome scenarios that await you.

And here's a little something that one of my staff reported to me. EDGE Magazine had given Super Mario Odyssey a perfect 10. However, I'm actually going to be taking the rest of my holidays off from Weasyl, but I'll save it till later.

What do you guys think? Will Odyssey become the right game for you? What are your thoughts about the music video that was praised by fans? Are you excited to pick it up? Be sure to sign off in the comments down below, and I'll check 'em out!

Now we're getting into the 3DS territories. Over at the coast of My Nintendo, three new themes (both Halloween themes dedicated to both Link and Mario, and a fall festive Animal Crossing theme) are up for about 20 gold points. In addition to a trio of Fall festive Home Menu themes, a BoxBoy! 2.5 Anniversary theme is available now for purchase. In case you guys were lucky enough to snag Gold and Silver as a pre-purchase experience, consider yourselves lucky.

Are you enjoying the fall festivities before the holidays arrive? Lemme know in the comment section!

Oh, yeah! Lastly, which I almost forgot, I may be finding some Leon pics to share as the last stop. Next week will be four days of Diddy Kong guiding me to random places. With all his fat! Who will save me from his blubberous nonsense? The answer will be revealed next Thursday, so you may want to hold off your bananas for once. And marshmallows. And vanilla soft serves. Unless you're lucky, that is. ;)

That's all I have for today. Until next time, see ya later! ;)

The Biggest Odyssey Content... EVER!


12 October 2017 at 13:52:41 MDT

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