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Nintendo LABO announced! With a hint of... cardboard?

on 18 January 2018 at 06:11:43 MST

Welcome to the Daily Dragon Tab. I'm BlazR, your #1 official host within this post, bringing you the latest news and discussions, as well as upcoming info, events, media and other content based beyond the real world and anywhere else in between!

With E3 2018 soon to make way for Nintendo to announe a new Donkey Kong Country game made possible for the Nintendo Switch, there's a brand new addition to the console's library. And no, it ain't a new character; it's a whole new IP that's made out of... cardboard? If you guessed it's Nintendo LABO, you may wanna consider the following by taking a read of this.

In Nintendo LABO, players are able to use the Nintendo Switch made as a controller to provide a few directions:

Make - Craft up a cardboard themed set of pieces to build a piano, a house, a motorbike, a remote controller with a moving object and a fishing rod. The robot is also included.
Play - Compose a song (piano); do chorse (house); drive (motorbike); move the object like an RC toy (remote controller) and fish for roasting food (fishing rod). And destroy things! (Robot)
Discover - There are many other unmentioned secrets to behold, so be sure to look out closely for them!

Using the Joy-Cons are now called Toy-Cons. With Toy-Cons, you can interact with many things, just by editing, moving or whatever it fits your bill. Nintendo LABO is set for launch on the 20th and 24th April respectively, where they will come with a pair of sets: the LABO Kit, where it includes up to five cardboard games to choose, and the robot kit, which has a massive backpack and a visor for setting it all up.

But don't worry. The Nintendo LABO title will include a variety of videos to help you sort things out, so trust me on this one!

What did you all think of Nintendo's approach for kids with the Nintendo LABO? Are you planning to give it a shot? Or will you let the kids handle it for themselves? just dont bring up this bs wii u reference ok ok Will Nintendo LABO become a time saver till Nintendo announces their return to the press conference and let the legacy become dormant as soon as possible? Leave yourself a comment down below, and I'll check 'em out.

I also have an update. Nintendo LABO has become a staple of removing all mention about the Wii U, so no need to thank me or the hardcore audience. It's in the bag. ;)

Coming up later on, we'll be taking a look at what the player can do when they pre load Pokemon Crystal! Then, we'll be getting an instant message from one of the members at Mii News', a partner of the Daily Dragon Tab. Keep your eyes peeled for more Daily Dragon Tab fun!

That's all I have for today. Until next time, see ya later!

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