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Surviving Art Block and money savings

on 19 August 2017 at 13:55:20 MDT

Hello, everyone. This is BlazR the Dragon, reporting to you live from the Daily Dragon Tab. And this is something that I would like to come clean and not have to experience a whole ton of problems.

Even though the Daily Dragon Tab doesn't entirely focus as a blog journal, it's my responsibility and livelihood to step up, be honest and share the truth to the rest of my followers. I am now currently on an art block. The reason why was because my alter ego excessively used up the tablet stylus, and is no way of replacing the dead nub with the others. Five years ago, my alter ego bought himself a drawing tablet to abandon his horrible life in high school and focus on animation, voice acting and cartoons. But now, it had been overused when the nub became fully decreased. So that occasionally sums up the fact that I haven't gotten a chance to upload a bunch of fat artwork these days. What's even worse than having some sort of an art block was that he had been getting some criticism about his reactions to various media that he detests about. One noteworthy example that caused him to lose a bunch of motivation was the prediction of Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Hollywood with a simple logic. But I won't explain everything what the comic was. And the fact that it took a guy named Garry a few minutes to come out and profane a bunch of nonsense in front of my alter ego was just disgusting, offensive and shameful, so I think there could be a higher chance that he deserves to be blocked because of his hideous four year old personality. As of right now, my alter ego and I are going through some money savings, all without the need of overspending too much. I'm not entirely sure if I will be back to upload more, but only time will tell. He might be intersted into doing commissions in the future, while I will be handling growth drives. That, of course, may involve Nintendo creatures being fattened up, sumofied or just completely inflated, without the need of popping. And to everyone, who have been supporting the show since the past two years, prior to my retirement from FA, I would like thank you all for the comments and kind reviews for the Daily Dragon Tab. The show WILL go on, but I will need plenty of time to work things out and get the money to buy a brand new drawing tablet to catch up with the modern trends that are happening here. We can't let less motivation stop us. We can't let hatred be brought in. We can't go backward. We just can't.

So, from all of us at the Daily Dragon Tab, I wanna thank you so much for reading, and here's hoping I may be uploading some content along the way. Wish me luck on my survival in art blocks and money savings. :)

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    Thank you very much for all the faves! Have a wonderful day :)

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    Oooh, finally I get to see you here! OwO Welcome to Weasyl, BlazR!