With BlazR the Dragon no longer part of the furry fandom, we have committed to take over his account and plan to make this profile Nintendo themed. For now, it's time for the best moment you've been waiting for!

We were rejected by the late and not-so great's nefarious actions. We were opposed by a series of animals with a huge amount of fur. We were easily forgotten by the casuals, weebs and young children who think the Wii U is better than the rest. And worst of all, we were criticized by the modern era of gaming without the need of feeling radical. Now, with the dark age of Iwata finally dead and gone, we have made a "BIG" comeback. We are Sumotendo, a team of Nintendo All Star turned sumo wrestlers, destined to keep our heritage alive and well. And not have to mention about Iwata's terrible BS excuses as to why he wasn't allowed to resign, all of a sudden.

Representing ourselves are:

Butterball - An alien sumo who managed to easily escape from Captain Olimar's abusive nature against all kinds of Pikmin. He refers to Olimar as either a midget or a twig boy bureaucrat, because of his mispronounced words, his scrawny size and his ugly perspective on various inanimate objects. Donning his doughnut mawashi, spiky shoulder pads, a watermelon on his belly, and his dragonized bracelets, Butterball may look like a force to be reckoned with, but he's a sweet and kind hearted alien with a calm and relaxing tone. His favorite food is the obvious: chocolate. And many other sweet and sugary desserts that he craves; especially soda pop. Butterball's biggest dislike is granola bars, because if one were to give him some, he would go on a massive rage and temporaily lose weight before reverting back to his normal sumo state. Butterball is open for hugs whenever someone feels down about anything.

Kongmallow - A big marshmallow like orangutan with the brains and an IQ of a medical assistant, Kongmallow may look exactly like a potential roly-poly fatty. But he is always intelligent about everything he knows of his own history. When he was once named as Diddy Kong, he kept being called Player 2 for unknown reasons. During one night, he went travelling all to his own, when suddenly, he finds a cave. Uncovering what it was, he finds a radioactive marshmallow with the scent of a vanilla soft serve. Slowly with one whole bite, he began to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger than his own kind! And suddenly, his life was about to change forever. Leaving his own kind behind, the white coated, belly bloated Diddy Kong packed everything up, flew high with his tank and peacefully lived in Neo Green Hill, where his sumo training, doctor studying and house building took place. However, besides his life as a sumo wrestler, he is also a shapeshifting master, just by bringing his head, arms, legs and tail in to merge himself either as a sumofied form of Winky, Rambi or even a Kremling. Kongmallow can also fly, even when using a P-Balloon to make sure he doesn't pop that much. Like his cousin, Butterball, Kongmallow is also a huggable orangutan with a soft sided personality.

The Almighty Leon - A big, brawny chameleon with a massive appetite for success, the Almighty Leon is always a reliable beast. When he was once called Leon Powalski, definitely referred to as the Great Leon, he felt so hungry that he was actually starving to death. After a variety of quick eateries, his belly began to expand, and his clothes ripped out. He not only found himself to be completely fat, but he is also naked! Regardless, he felt so happy, he would later adopt the name "The Almighty Leon". His major target was to fatten up Falco (his worst nemesis) and keep Slippy like a partner to him. Afterwards, Leon took Slippy as his balloon companion to see the open world all to his very own, until he is united with both Kongmallow and Butterball as reliable cousins. Together, there were formed as the legendary Sumo Trio. And thus, begins a new life for the big, fat and suave heroes. Leon is an all around soft sided chameleon, where he tends to hug, kiss and nibble on someone who loves him dearly.

Snowball - A White alien with a froggy personality, Snowball doesn't seem too poisonous. In fact, he's more into eating everything in sight. Especially when it comes to slapping his belly like a massive taiko drum. Snowball was adopted as a newborn brother to Butterball, to where he followed him since the abusive nature done by Olimar. Now, after consuming the land of desserts' non stop assortment of sweets and sugary coated goods, he has grown bigger than his usual size. He claims to be the biggest frog that would soon not only show off his loose belly, but his muscular appeal. Unlike his brothers, he is shown to have a mouth, where he would use his tongue to eat things particular. Like his brother, Snowball refuses to lose weight, but most of the time, he dislikes kisses as a frog. Snowball, like Leon, loves to nibble on people's heads, unless they're friendly to him, yet he is always open for free hugs. His personality is quirky, gluttonous, lovable and bouncy, and is always a competitive eater. He carries a saddle turned backpack with him, wherever he goes. Snowball can be seen swimming and bathing across a chocolate river next to a waterfall like a fat crocodile. Of which he may be interested in the future alongside himself of being a frog.

Gumball - A happy-go-lucky Pink alien with the form of a pear shaped dragon, Gumball shows how proud he looks when being jolly and enjoyable. Like Snowball, both boys managed to escape from the tyranny of Olimar and his abusive antics. While tagging along, Gumball wanted to heat things up by eating a series of fruit coated in sweet milk chocolate. And just at the right time, he was no longer a small pint sized Pikmin. He was a massively fat dragon with a bouncy belly that is soft coated! Gumball loves great big hugs and all kinds of color, but hates being called a girl, judging by his pink color. When one were to call Gumball a girl, he would usually take an advice from a guy named Ray and punish those who mistake him as a female. Like Butterball and Snowball, he, too, refuses to lose a lot of weight. He may breathe fire, he may fly, but when bringing his legs, arms, tail and head inside, this is what his brother, Butterball, calls it Blubber Shelter. One other thing about him is that he adores kissing those on the cheek (and those who kiss him back) and is easily not a fan of nibbling on anyone's heads or their body part, because he doesn't like eating humans up.

Grovyle - Formerly a time traveller, Grovyle gave it his all of being a sumo wrestler. His life with Celebi and Dusknoir finally came to an end when he brought in the last remaining Sableye with him. As a result, he went from eating a series of fruit and meat before he was the biggest grass type of them all. Sometimes, Grovyle is seen wearing his favorite outfit from Diddy Kong Country, such as the original apparel and King K. Rool's. Retaining his grass type moves and his refusal to evolve, Grovyle can also punch and kick, as well as headbutting through a rocky wall like an ongoing truck. Grovyle can then perform his own blubber shelter whenever he tends to roll around like a big lizard. Although he is a powerful force at the start, he's warm hearted and heroic throughout his adventures with Sableye.

Sableye - Bold, brave and more joyful and energetic, Sableye is a bouncy partner to Grovyle. When he was just a small being, all he ever wanted to do was to find someone to remain independent. But when Dusknoir soon became disobedient against him, he took it way too far. Abandoning his life from being scary to feeling happy, Dusknoir, and many of the Sable army, were defeated by a pair of unknown explorers. While looking for an independent adventure, he is saved by Grovyle from a vicious round of genwunner thugs. Lending out a hand, Grovyle names Sableye his sumo partner, and the two would later practice more of being sumo wrestlers. Sableye can be seen being either inflated with a set of oxygen tanks or being politely eating a bunch of junk and greasy fat foods. However, he can be easily seen wearing a gentleman attire, making him evolve as a scaly dragon. Fun and bubbly, Sableye enjoyed the life with Grovyle.

Guaps - Once a member of the deceased Latin Group, this happy go lucky, American accented Lugia with a bracelet on his right arm and a hankerchief on his blubbery neck may not only be a force to be reckoned with, but a helpful beast who would do anything to move out from Chile. When he was a regular Lugia, his friend, Alejandro, got heavily obsessed with Fire Emblem, he decided to dump him in favor of being a weeb. Horrified by this, he was never seen again. The next day, when Lugia was just about to have a bad time without Alejandro, something was about to change his life (and his personality) forever. After being knocked out by a series of kitchenware, then knocked out by a bar of soap, a detachable shower hose forcefully made him so big and so fat, his Chile accent was gone. And that was when Guaps decided to abandon his life as a hispanic Lugia in favor of being a real sumo wrestling super hero!

RockN - Another member of the deceased Latin Group, but this time, she went independent for a short while before meeting up with Guaps once again. All she ever wanted to do was to embrace flying, following the demise of Hatena. However, a rocky pebble hit her wing, and she fell all the way down to a vat of lard, where she was trapped inside. Suddenly, she's currently aided by her "best friend", Mr. Scarfy, as the two were the final victims of being hunt down by the so-called genwunners. Relying on Mr. Scarfy's command, she quickly ate up the entire unused vat of lard, punched through the glass with her massive strength, and escaped at ease. She then belly bounced way high, where no genwunner could ever see nor catch her. Safely, she's reunited with Guaps, as the two would pair together to stay and never get caught. They then find an unsold home that has not been purchased for a long while, where they would soon reside together peacefully.

There are many other Nintendians set to join the clan, so be on the look out for more. If you are a fan of Nintendo, please support us! Again, we are Sumotendo, a team of Nintendo All Star turned sumo wrestlers that are destined to become better and stronger than our worst nightmare. Have fun, and watch out for our big bellies!

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A couple months later: The Official End

on 20 September 2018 at 15:26:41 MDT

(King Kecleon is shown to be seeing the ruins of the studio, then all the trucks are shown to be driven out. He takes a good look at the ruins, before he smiles)

King Kecleon: Well, that's the end. Now for the finishing touch of our series. (he places a sign on the fence)

"After three years, the Daily Dragon Tab is permanently closed. We've been sharing the latest information that is targeted for furries and scalies to stay in the know of real life articles catered for family oriented announcements. Due to the lack of fat artwork, including one artist who has claimed to blacklist a variety of drawings, we have made a commitment to move on to other properties. If you are a new host and are planning to reboot the Daily Dragon Tab yourself, please send us a DM message and we'll sell it right away! Again, thank you for staying in touch with us for the past three years. It has been an honor serving with you."

Daily Dragon Tab

2015 - 2018

King Kecleon: And there we go. Now I can rejoice with my new life of being the biggest sumo wrestling king of them all. First off, an all-you-can-eat buffet. Second, do more karate. (walks off into the sunset) Third, put my Kecleon Shop to pasture for good. And finally, become a legend. Oh, yeah. I love that. I'll do the best I can to be the greatest sumo warrior, or my name isn't King Kecleon! (bounces up with his arms and legs spread out) Oh, yeah!

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    Sad to see you go. LOVED your art a ton.

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    hey, do you have a discord?
    saw your Keronian stuff

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      Um... no. I'm afraid I don't have it. Sorry.
      Also, thank you! Keroro can't resist the tasty food from WcDonalds. ;)

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    That's some nintendo fatties you got going. Got others planned?

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    Thank you very much for all the faves! Have a wonderful day :)

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    Oooh, finally I get to see you here! OwO Welcome to Weasyl, BlazR!