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So I'm on Facebook under my IRL name as I'm sure most people are. I need to rant and the group I usually rant and let stuff off in is the reason I need to let stuff out so of course I can't do it in there (even if I decided to bite the bullet and do it anyway).

So this chick I'm friends with on FB is a bit of a troll. Ever since she learned that I dislike bad grammar (and I'm not talking about minor stuff, I'm talking about where it's like "did they even try?") she's been intentionally putting her grammar poorly and with decreasing quality and increasing frequency. So I finally snapped back and stupidly shared my snap back about it in the group without a bit of an explanation.

It blew up in my face because in the post she was talking about being bullied and crap. Which I didn't even notice because I quit trying to read it after only a couple of sentences (and it wasn't mentioned till near the end. So it looked like I was just being cruel to a person with mental issues. Which resulted in me being silenced from the group and the topic locked.

So I couldn't defend myself in the topic itself, nor could I make another post defending myself. All I could do was simply delete the post and hope not too many people saw it because that's not me. I fiercely defend anyone that's feeling bullied, and have been bullied myself. So I'm left only able to delete it and hope that it wasn't seen by too many because I made a mistake and jumped the gun about it.

Now here I am wondering how many people blocked me, how many people is thinking I'm some cold heartless witch. (No, that's not a substitute phrase, I really am a Witch with a W.) Suddenly I'm 5yrs old again being sent to the principals office because I was caught hitting someone back after they kicked me in the girly bits. I'm the one in trouble because I was caught, and the person that struck out at me just gets to stand there and stick their tongue out at me mocking me because "ha ha! You got caught!"

I'm obviously upset about this and hurt because it doesn't matter about the past, what I did was seen and it didn't look nice and I'm still in trouble and... it's "just not fair" as I want to scream and rip my hair out about. So I guess my lesson is that no matter how safe it feels to share something, if it can be seen as being cruel then that's exactly how it will be taken and nobody will be cool with it unless you're the most popular person.



11 October 2017 at 19:04:42 MDT

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