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-3- You know, its funny how apps work. Especially when it's an app for something, like a TV Channel. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch Nick Jr. sometimes. I mean, I love PAW Patrol, Nella the Princess Knight, and that new show coming soon (which I forgot the name of).
I have the app for Nick Jr., but it sucks. I have never been able to fully finish an episode using the app. It'll always cut off saying "This video doesn't exist anymore" Yet, it's still there and can click on it again.
I thought it just did that because my wifi is bad, I mean, my house wifi is AT&T. Even Youtube would occassionally do something similiar to that when a video or ad buffers too much, right?
But then I tried watching episodes on the Nick Jr. website on my browser and it not only plays the episodes completely, but also the UI is outright better. It has the same display as the app, but there is more customization and organization compared to the app counterpart
Moral of the story, some apps suck.



6 October 2017 at 06:26:52 MDT

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