Salutations, salutations! I am the Dreamscaper! But I also go by Dream, for short, so call me that if it's easier to remember! lol

I am a self-taught artist who does things from traditional, digital, and literary art. I soon hope to become a successful author and illustrator, and everyday, little by little, I work towards that. Me being here, before you now, as you read this, is another step on my long journey towards my goals and dreams.

But enough formality for a second! On my spare time, I love playing video games. I am a huge Nintendo fan, with my favorite console being the Nintendo Switch. I play games such as Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and ARMS. If you wish to play alongside or against me at some point, add me on Discord!



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on 17 November 2017 at 05:50:39 MST

Well, today is my birthday, and the start of fall break.
Thinking back, I'm still not very active in the art community, but that is my fault. I procrastinated too much to the point where I spent all of my time either playing video games or catching up on homework, rarely drawing. I haven't even posted in a month, and even then it was only that one drawing. More like a series of sketches at that.
Oh well, now is as good of a time to pick up where I should've been. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, let's look at the score. I'm active on Weasyl, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and working on Youtube.

That's right! A project I had to do last week was a 1 minute 30 second stop-motion animation. I really enjoyed the assignment so much that I actually bought the full version of the stop-motion app I had to use for the project. It's called Stop Motion Studio, by the way.

But anyway, first things first, I have to work on a banner image for Twitter, Facebook, Weasyl, and Youtube. Oh boy, I have a lot to do over the course of this week, but I'll get it all done! Nothing to it!

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    Oh hey! Why did you stop following me on Insta? What did I do? I am sorry if I did or said something you didn't like without realizing : (

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      Oh, no, you didnt do anything wrong. I didn't unfollow you, I just deleted my account. Just wasn't really feeling that place anymore. I'm still following you on here. - w -

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        Ah its okay! I left DA for the same reason pretty much :D I hope you find your place here since Insta really didnt work out for you <3

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          Actually, I was thinking about remaking a DeviantArt account, and using it to promote my account here on Weasyl. I left dA for a few minor and pity reasons, primarily running from a problem, a feeling. Well no more. Utilizing dA and Weasyl effectively at the same time is my best chance to become as well known as I would like to be, in a way.
          Besides, my favorite artist, joaoppeireaus posts just about all of his art there! ^w^

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            Ah if, like to be well known too! The two main reasons I don't use dA is well three. Drama/trolls, hard to get noticed, and you can't do anything without a Core membership which screws over the people who can't pay for one like me and points are impossible to get if your not super good or popular and your adopts and stuff sell like pancakes. I get way more likes and stuff on Instagram than I ever did on DA :D

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              Well if you truly like Weasyl and Instagram over dA, I won't change your opinion. I actually agree with you to some extent.
              But nothing is impossible. And honestly, Core Memberships don't give you as much as it's worth, trust me. - 3 - Everything is cosmetic and your account can still thrive without it. I mean, I have followed joaoppereiraus a few months after he joined dA, back when he was known as JPPAqui. Back then he didn't have much of a following, but have you seen him now? He isn't the most popular person on dA, but he has a pretty good following. It can be done.
              And a lot of people commonly use dAhub to acquire points, which is what I'll do too.

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                Well it's not that I dislike DA, it's actually not a bad starting site, just avoid the trolls thieves and drama causers and you should be good. I may actually return one day come to think of it. It's just I was there 6 years and saw for myself why it has such a bad reputation. DA was my starter site as an artist and it's kinda become like a home to me, which is why I may return some day
                I'm just on a long hiatus?

                Yeah Core doesn't really give you THAT much, especially not for the price. It's just you get hosed out of the stuff like custom boxes and journal skins if your poor (like me lol) and that really does enhance your page and attract others to look at your stuff. Yes there is non-Core coding but it's plain with no background and not as attractive. And having to pay 15 bucks just to change your name if you do that like it. I do know about dAhub, and I may try it again if I shall return :)

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                  Oh okay!
                  I am so sorry it took my so long to get back to this. I am in finals week right now, and gotta meet those deadlines! lol

                  I was just gonna use dAhub to get points to to have prize points for contests and giveaways. Something to promote me, y'know? lol