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Cintiq thoughts and our 4th Anniversary! by Zeta-Haru

I mentioned in the previous journal that I wanted to buy a Wacom Cintiq as a way of improving my art equipment, and I was very lucky to find one for 1/3 of the original price, felt very happy!

I took almost a week off to test the new art tablet but I just couldn't adapt. I tried my best and it just didn't feel natural, it felt like I would need to relearn the past 4 years I spent doing art with my previous tablet (Wacom Bamboo Splash) and I just can't afford going back this much D: After those tests, my previous setup felt so comfortable, I'm more in control and much more agile to work compared to the new tablet.

I know it can take time to get used to a new tablet or any equipment in general but I just didn't feel progress. Every second I spent drawing on it had me thinking "This is fancy and beautiful but I think it's not for me, sadly..." due to frustration. My lines were loose in a way that they would almost "lose personality", all I thought was: This doesn't look like my art.

And there's a few factors about drawing directly on a screen that I realized I hated, like how your hand is always blocking one side of the drawing made me remember why I'm not a fan of working on paper ;-; My wrist would also get tired faster with the new tablet, that was my first red alert that it just wouldn't happen for me.

Took me some time to give up and accept that this is it, that I'm better with my older tablet ;w; and I kinda wanted to explain here as well to inform you and also to help me accept this fact. But I'm still happy with the purchase and happy with the old tablet don't get me wrong!

Good thing is that @mytigertail can still make use of the Cintiq, he is testing it as well and things went much better for him than for me. I might give it another go in the future, but for now I guess I'm better this way :3

Talking about my beautiful boyfriend, we had our 4 year anniversary yesterday <3 We watched 007 Skyfall together and had fancy sushi for dinner in this special day! If you're reading this, I love you sweetie ;w;

He also made me this art which means a lot to me:

And thanks for all that purchases from our Redbubble store!

I said this before but I'll repeat here just to make sure! We will be adding (and creating) new artworks to the store after Weekend 2 is completed! See you in the next post! :3

Cintiq thoughts and our 4th Anniversary!


27 September 2017 at 13:01:16 MDT

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