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Life Update (September 2017) by Zeta-Haru

I thought it was time for me to write another one of these and get in touch! :3

Not much happened in the past two months compared to the mess my life was after moving to a different state, organizing our apartment and our lives as a couple, a gay couple hehe. I think the only new thing is that I faced some intestine-related problems lately but already got medic treatment and I'm taking more care of my body and health in general. Sleep routine issues still happen from time to time but I feel much more in control now.

Oh and I'm addicted to this song.

Now about the plans and art side... oh boi.

I feel very excited when I start thinking on what I should do after the Weekend 2 comic is finished (it ends on page 45 in case you're wondering).

I'm excited because the ending of it will not just simbolyze the work of 2 years being finished, but the start of something new, I could start a new comic, open themed commissions, do fanarts and art for myself for some time, I don't know, the options feel endless right now haha.

It opens a new chapter in my life. Weekend 2 was written and created in 2015, the inspiration for the comic was born at that year and soon we will be in 2018! During this period I had many more comic ideas that are in the fridge just waiting to be worked on. I admit that this comic didn't have to take so long, but I believe it is my biggest project in art so far! I wanted to make sure it was a complete thing and I didn't want to make silly mistakes (like how I sometimes forgot Joel's freckles in previous pages but added them before actually posting the pages lol ;w; )

I want to experiment with comics by creating ones with different art style and stories, one thing I will try for sure is toning down the details and change the process of producing them to increase working speed.

Another one of my plans is of buying a Wacom Cintiq to work on, it's one of those tablets that you can draw directly on the screen. They're very expensive here so I will have to work a lot and save money, but one day we will have one! >:3

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the Redbubble store! (Thank you so much if you bought something from us!)

The acceptance was so nice, me and Gabe really loved this warming welcome to our store :3 We will be adding new art for products from time to time, the next update should be after my comic ends, which will be available at Inkedfur.

I know some of you are waiting for me to finish Weekend 2 so you can buy it along with Weekend 1 for shipping price reasons, and I'll use that as extra motivation to finish! ^w^

I guess that's all for now, thank you all for reading and for being the best you can be! I feel so inspired when I read your messages and when someone shares their love/life story. The last one I received made me feel renewed by reminding me of my own story and how I can inspire you guys.

Thank you and seeeee you next time! Bye~ (Or in our discord server) <3

Life Update (September 2017)


13 September 2017 at 01:47:07 MDT

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