September: Furry Event Month by SilverSheep

September is shaping up to be a month packed full of furry events. I should have an exciting array of photographic content on the way. One of the big events happening is FurJAM. I will be attending the barbeque and will be capturing the action on my camera.

First up in September is the Ulladulla meet coming up real soon. It is a trek and a half to get there but I am fortunate enough to have one of my friends in the fandom offer a place to stay and transport to and from the event. I have another event on the day after but I will see how I feel after Ulladulla.

On the next Saturday after that, I have my own little event in Katoomba planned it's only tiny but I hope to attract some furs up from Sydney. I am organising it with another fur. The next day I have an exclusive photo shoot with some of the Steampunk furs at an iconic Sydney landmark. That should be fun as I have been to the location before.

Then it's FurJAM and that will be a great day out at the park snapping away. I loved last year's one and I hope I can coax some fursuiters to the riverside to capture some remarkable photos. That will round off September and give me plenty of photo editing work to do.

September: Furry Event Month


31 August 2017 at 07:06:21 MDT

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    Sounds promising! A few more hoo-ra's before Summer comes on? (Or has summer already arrived?)

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      It is the first month of Spring over here.

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        Ah. Still a bit cool then?

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          Yes it was nice. Not cold but not too hot.