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Character Update! by Jotie

So! I was thinking for a long while... But I figured something about my Sona, Jotie the Vaporeon. She will always and forever will be my sona. My 'other' sona is of course, Jotie the Lunarian. The difference between the two (Other than one is a Pokésona ans the other is a furry sona) is that thd Lunarian will always be a female, and the Vaporeon is a hermaphrodite.

At least that was the original idea.

I do not plan to change Jotie the Lunarian lore-wise. I thought of including a hermaphrodite Lunarian variant, but I like her too much as is.

The Vaporeon however...

I love her as a super well-endowed herm! Hell, borderline hyper sometimes! And given to her ability to grow due to her Water Absorb abilities, I figured to deal more when using her other abilities. She simply wouldn't be just a herm... But she can also take in two other genders! A male, and a female as well! This also applies to her feral form as well!

I plan to commission the artist : iconshibeari: more in order to get her other forms drawn out! Starting with her female, then male! Then see about getting a personal feral form of all three too! This though? It will definitely take quite some time!


I plan to work on getting other art I have promised! I am super excited for it! Do be warned though, but I am going to be getting vore-related art. So please be careful on what you click!

Character Update!


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