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Furaffinity?? by Eelaz

Hey again

So I decided to use the account I had created ages ago on Furaffinity and decided to post a load of stuff on it. (And I don't even consider myself a "Furry" but whatever I guess. My characters just fall into the "anthro" label because there's nothing else to label them under, so, uh... yeah. Also they're not typically attractive/cute furry anthros so they don't fall in the popular side of the label either lmao)

Thing is, here, I though it would be an alternative to Deviantart (because deviantart is kind of dying, socially, it looks like?) but over here on Weasyl it's... uh... well it's not what I expected. (Though it's not bad! Don't get me wrong.) And it's just as "fetishy" and "porny" as I had imagined Furaffinity to be. So, why not simply make an account over there, where's it's way more active and much more busy than this site? (Though I still think I'll keep posting here too)
I must say, there are some great artists over there!
I have no idea what that site is worth, if my experience there will be good or bad (so far it looks nice)
What do you think? Have you got an account there?

I'll just drop the link to my page here:



18 June 2017 at 07:42:49 MDT

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    Its actually getting way more worse than it was before, fetish art, cub, genital cutting artworks. The whole 9 steps through the green mile. Brace your mind cuz even I have to take time off from there with how destructive it gets.

    And try to spot the racists before they find you cool kid.

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      Oh welp, thanks for telling me!
      Racism, huh? In what way do they do that over there? (And towards who in particular?)

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        Since the infamous american election mostly POC or Latino/Hispanics. You'll be finding a lot of nazi or KKK red necks over there, got a bunch of crazies attacking me after November happened. But then again I've seen all forms of racism brew and bubble up higher towards anyone who isn't white many times once and a while on FA.

        Some of them keep to themselves but then again, people tend to do the opposite. Even a few worse people than racists but I must leave it to you to decide what you think of the site and not from the horrors I've known and see. I hope it becomes stable for you, but I think I'll stick to spamming you with comments, crumbs and kind words on here for your works and insight.

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          Oh crap, well that sucks big time.. But as you say, I'll have to figure it out for my own self. That site kind of gives me and uncomfortable vibe, but maybe that's because of all the creepy stuff I've seen/heard about it haha... After all, we are on the internet, so that kind of shit is bound to happen somewhere, as sad as it is. I guess it's an experience in itself?

          and I honestly fully appreciate your support, I'm extra grateful, truly! (and those who may be silently watching, hello y'all?) I hope I'll be able to post more stuff in the upcoming weeks.

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            Enjoy the 4th of july porn the murrican furries flooded yet?

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              To be honest, I don't really even browse much of the site's content, I just hang around my own page when I feel like posting something, then disappear again, or just people I follow already bahaha! keeps me sane to some degree I guess

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                Your a philosophy professor aren't you
                I love ur laugh <3

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