Hello, stranger!
I'm Eelaz, 18 years old, currently living in France.
You could say my native language is french, while my mother tongue is english.
(I'm fine with anything, but I'd prefer "They/Them" pronouns.)

Art-wise, I love writing, but especially drawing. I would love to create comics, or maybe animate, to later bind these two things together. I already have two big stories I hope to eventually bring to the light of day.
For my work, I use traditional tools along with Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Intuos pro tablet.

I don't consider myself a "Furry artist" at all. I have got absolutely nothing against it, but I just don't identify with it at all.
I just enjoy drawing people with weird messed up animalistic heads.

Thank you kindly for visiting my page!

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on 18 June 2017 at 07:42:49 MDT

Hey again

So I decided to use the account I had created ages ago on Furaffinity and decided to post a load of stuff on it. (And I don't even consider myself a "Furry" but whatever I guess. My characters just fall into the "anthro" label because there's nothing else to label them under, so, uh... yeah. Also they're not typically attractive/cute furry anthros so they don't fall in the popular side of the label either lmao)

Thing is, here, I though it would be an alternative to Deviantart (because deviantart is kind of dying, socially, it looks like?) but over here on Weasyl it's... uh... well it's not what I expected. (Though it's not bad! Don't get me wrong.) And it's just as "fetishy" and "porny" as I had imagined Furaffinity to be. So, why not simply make an account over there, where's it's way more active and much more busy than this site? (Though I still think I'll keep posting here too)
I must say, there are some great artists over there!
I have no idea what that site is worth, if my experience there will be good or bad (so far it looks nice)
What do you think? Have you got an account there?

I'll just drop the link to my page here:

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    hello rad art o golly @w@

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      Ahaha thank you! xD