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Hello everyone!

This time, and to change a little, I post an article which can seem useless, but which is important to keep you informed of some things.

And this article will be about me. What’s up from me? What is happening to me? Why my activity is so low? Have I some projects in the future?

In fact, the truth is that a lot of things happened to me lately. I got a new job since February approximately. It was a succession of fixed term contracts with some breaks between each contract. The latest one will end the 30th June.

Because of this, some of you begin to know me, I lost a big part of my activity.

At least... I lost a big part of my activity in Internet. Because 2 months ago, I received a new tablet: the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16, to replace my old Wacom Cintiq 12wx (bought in December 2010).

With that tablet, I continued a bit some drawings, made my new actual avatar you can watch in the highest resolution (1080p) in Deviantart just here: http://akelun.deviantart.com/art/Keluna-Grooming-682657475 and I also worked in some other NSFW drawings.

And from these latest drawings, I noticed something. I noticed that I’m a bit rusted with some things AND ESPECIALLY that I need to study a lot more the muscles. Because despite the fact that I’m using 3D models with Blender to help me to not make anatomical or perspective mistakes and despite the fact that I already improved and learnt a lot about muscles, there are still parts of the body which give me some troubles to draw correctly.

So, what are and will be my projects from now on?

Well, of course, I will train to draw all of the muscles (from animals and humans... even if I shouldn’t have too many things to improve in human muscles, it’s mostly the animal parts... to draw dragons for example).

But also, now that I have a very professional and comfortable tablet to work with, I’m pretty confident that I should be able to open some commissions for the first... real time of my life AND maybe to suggest some YCH.

So, sorry, once again for the lack of activity. I should be back during this summer, with probably some news and maybe some surprises, and I wish you all a good day and a good continuation. ;)



18 June 2017 at 04:33:28 MDT

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