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A nice, lovingly nerdy dream by GuzzleMuzzle

Had a dream about legos and personal lego toy stories, midi and module music (and slightly Vinesauce), old versions of Windows, and turn-based RPGs.

It involved my sister building a small two-floor boat and a "golden" castle out of legos, and I built two "speedy land vehicles" and two space ships out of those legos, which my brother and I played with. Somewhere along that line was the tinkering around with of a desktop computer, and midi and module music, which brought to mention the YouTube channel "Vinesauce". This computer use took place on a non-descript "old version of Windows". And during the lego play, oddly enough, there was the notion of a turn-based RPG that followed a story featuring a "SHUMP" game genre-like story about an evil female dragon.

The dream fell along the lines of what many kids online these days would call "cringeworthy", but I honestly believe that in some cases, calling things "cringy" can just be a broad way of disassociating oneself from ones childhood. People born in the 80s period are notorious for having done in their childhoods many stupid things they wish they had convenient ways to look back on, and I think that with the shifts in popular opinion that came with the early 2000s, many young people are highly embarrassed of either what they had done at a young age, or what they likely would have done.

This dream was a fun romp through the throes of early childhood development; a sort of autistic experience, which isn't a bad thing. Brothers enjoying each other and the objects and subjects of their interest, a sister aiding in the fun, and the joys of not-as-questionable computer use in line with a handful of subjects often popular among young people and wistful visionaries who appreciate art and experimentation - a fun romp indeed. :D

A nice, lovingly nerdy dream


18 June 2017 at 00:12:17 MDT

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