Heading out to BLFC! by KiRAWRa

Oh boy it's time to head to Reno, Nevada for Biggest Little Fur Con! It'll start on June 1st, but me and @kittygomou are driving so we need a few days headstart. If you'll be attending, we would LOVE to meet you! We'll be located at table #30 in the Dealer's Den - just look for the booth with a big 'ol sign that says "KiRAWRa" on it! :D

[picture of my booth!]

[picture of my sign]

Just to make super sure you won't miss us, I'll also be walking around in my big Spyro kigurumi XD

[the best picture of me]

oh yes. The epitome of what a true artist looks like.

As always when I'm away at con, my art store is going to be temporarily closed since I won't be around to ship anything out. It will re-open once we return, with all kinds of new and restocked goodies!
See you guys in a week! /waves

Heading out to BLFC!


30 May 2017 at 13:16:24 MDT

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