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Reminder to all by SBTW

Alright everyone, how are you all. Just a reminder to you all Am still on a month break. Meaning i won't be taking any art trades at the moment, So NO Art Trades till July. Will being drawing some pics for the July Art Trade soon which is a month so be patience on July, Cause that is also my birthday so yaaaay XD

in other news, start on 27th May to 25th June will be the fasting month, meaning I have to wake up early in the morning before the first prayer and in the day time we cannot eat till the 4th prayer in the evening.
I'm somehow excited about it for odd reasons but oh well XD

Also think that would be all.

Again reminder to all Art Trades will open in July. If you ask, i'll remind you all again till July

Will inform you all in three days or maybe four days in advance to when the art trades will be open.

Also there are no limits. Example: five slots only

So it a free art trade party XD lol

so that is all now, on July Art Trade is open. Right now Fasting month for me

Reminder to all


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    snuggles enjoy your break sweetheart ^^

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      will do X3