Let's make things a little less sad maybe? by TheScatterbrain

Okay, now I have quite a number of people saying they want to read this thing. Fair enough, I’ll make it a commitment then. I can’t say how fast I’ll be, but it’s gonna happen.

A few people have mentioned that they'd really like to know the plot for the rest of Rebound, just to get some closure. I was a bit sceptical about the idea because I don't feel like you get much out of reading a superficial summary, but then I was thinking, wait, we have over 100 pages of script that I personally find perfectly enjoyable to read! It would be a shame for it to rot away and never be seen. It doesn't cover the entire story, but it at least sets everything up so you'll get a bit more out of a summary of what's missing.

However, it will take a good amount of work to piece it all together, partially because some of the script is in Danish and partially because one of my last acts regarding Rebound has been to rip a long chapter apart and rearrange it and I kind of need to figure out.. what to do with that. It's not something I terribly mind putting together, but I'd like to know beforehand if it's something you guys are interested in reading?

Let's make things a little less sad maybe?


8 May 2017 at 13:14:24 MDT

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    That would be really nice to see. Doesn't need to be a comic just for it to work out, can just be a written thing. All that matters most is that you did incredibly well with the comic and it lasted a very long time.

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    i'm not part of this fanbase right now, but i may indeed be some day!

    if you have the time, take the time to curate and collate the story for your readers. if you can't prioritize it as much as current and more resilient projects, don't strain yourself!~

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      I actually decided to just finish writing the whole script because I've been having fun with it and it's good practise (I haven't really been writing in a long time). Also it's the closest thing to finishing the story I can do without drawing any more comic pages, so everyone wins I guess.