Some circuits back online. System Restore in progress. by sirkain

Have been on leave of absence since last Monday, plan to return to work next Monday. Typed up a self-diagnosis report earlier to give the HR counselors/therapists when i call tomorrow. If any wish to see whats on my mind for now, give me a post in a note. It isn't stuff I am hiding from anyone, but dont care to post in the open in a journal either.

No, I am not mentally well yet. No, I am not giving up. But with suicide thoughts and depression and whatever is broken in me still present, understand it (for the second) is not a guarantee. I cant tell you when moods may go downhill and kick 'that mode'. but doing my best to steer away from it and get a game plan with the pros, friends and family that I can do and understand once some roots are identified.

Some circuits back online. System Restore in progress.


20 April 2017 at 00:02:11 MDT

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