New Camera and FurDU Plans by SilverSheep

I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new camera in time for Furry Down Under. My new camera is a Canon EOS 7D Mark II. I went with a Canon because I didn't want to buy new lenses and a new flash unit. It is such an upgrade over my old one and I hope to get some fuzzies in front of it at Ironfest later this month. So expect to see some photos from that. This will be great practice before the main event Furry Down Under next month.

I know a few furries now so I will have a great time at the DU. A wolf named Regis wants me to take his photo. He also wants me to BE Regis but I think I am too big to fit in his fursuit. I will definitely be down for photos. Other than that I hope to take many photos of the fursuiters there and upload them here. I think the best photos are those that are shared not kept locked away.

I have been writing new short stories in the meantime. My most popular story so far is The Wolves Howl Summons You. I never intended it to be so popular because it was based on a advertising slogan and just something I wrote on a whim. I have even wrote some more racy stories to express my sexuality.

Two people in my life that know me very well have commented that they thought I was asexual. This has kind of distressed me because I don't want to come off a prude. I don't want to be known as a cold fish because I'm not like that. I think if I write some erotica people won't think that about me. This might not be the right venue to talk about this but now that I'm out of the closet I have to work on being more open about myself. I have gotten too good at hiding my desires that people think that's the real me.

New Camera and FurDU Plans


7 April 2017 at 00:38:45 MDT

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    Heck, if somebody wants you to wear their fursuit, I'd I least try getting it on; it's not everyday somebody gets such an opportunity!

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      I will give it a go for sure. Don't get me wrong.