Stretch of a Goal by ilbv

I want to reach 2000 watchers on Furaffinity by the end of the year.
Reasonable simple goal to hope for.
It's hard because I'm battling with this goal and the reality of it.

I truthfully think I don't have what it takes to ever get that far and my shoulder angel is strongly chastising me for my negativity: "not with that kind of attitude you won't!" and the bastard is right.

I can get there, not at as fast as others, it will take a great deal of time, devotion to creating and posting new content, and some elements of luck.

If I am being brutal, I would be amazed if I reach 1500 by the end of December, and maybe that's a more reasonable goal? People do hold raffles for things like that. It's a milestone in and of itself.

See I am getting in over my head. Simple goals are easier, then I could try wrestling with bigger ones. Though if any of you have ever wrestled me it probably ended a good number of ways in your favor and not mine, not that I would entirely mind x) call it a win-lose-win.

Stretch of a Goal


28 March 2017 at 14:40:54 MDT

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