New OS, and plans for today... by PrivateDoomsday

As of now, I got a new OS, to replace SteamOS, since it wouldn't work, on my computer's hardware.

With my friend's help, I installed "Xubuntu"; a light-core version of Linux.

Also, before I get back to working on a request, I plan on doing these things:

= Get some more stuff, set up, for my computer
= Make at least 3"color me in" type adoptables (So I can try to attract more folks, to watch my art; ESPECIALLY on Weasyl!)
= Upload some pics, of Pippa & Rosy (The puppies, that Lilo & Nani had, respectively.)
= Record a video, of my dog, watching the gerbils, form their cage (He actually DOES that! My BIG one, too! It's like as if he was watching TV! And I'll be posting it, on YouTube.)

And at least sometime AFTER I finish the request, that I'm drawing, I'll also try to set up Steam, for Linux. (Because, since I still don't know how Linux manual installation works, for various apps, I'm gonna need a bit of help. But since Xubuntu is an easier-to-use version of Linux, I plan on using it, so I can LEARN THE BASICS!)

Plus, in addition, for any games I get on Steam, I'll try to get some patches, so I can run certain games, that would otherwise, NOT WORK on Linux!

New OS, and plans for today...


1 March 2017 at 09:59:20 MST

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