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No more 7 days comic page delay! by Zeta-Haru

Lately I've been thinking about this, and of what I'm talking about if the 7 day delay that every Weekend 2 comic page had. This delay was the time the pages would stay on patreon as a reward for patrons only.

At first it was an interesting idea and it worked nicely! But after some time it started to feel weird. The best metaphor I have for the feeling is like when you're speaking on a microphone and you can hear your own voice with a delay and you start stuttering just because of it.

What was happening is that I would try to plan my schedules so much and be careful about hiding comic content that I would almost sabotage myself. There were so many smalls plans going inside my head that started becoming very problematic and affected my own motivation to make art, more specifically to make this comic.

There is something terribly scary about not receiving the feedback you would expect about a piece and still having to move on to the next artwork or project. I guess I got too acquainted with that cycle, that, whenever I have to work on something that I can't share with people and see their reactions or if they liked it, there is a feeling very similar to failure, and it started be very counterproductive for me.

I think I should make this shorter and just share the Patreon post I did earlier today about this topic, it will save some extra writing:

I'm glad the people there replied and support me on my decision. I am taking this risk for both me and all of the people that like my art, that like to see me drawing. I want to share my content with everyone, exclusivity wasn't always a good thing in my perspective, I think I did it mostly because I was afraid and wanted to do something more professional, but I am sacrificing that for the sake of productivity and motivation. Damn it was starting to feel suffocated and lonely everytime I stopped to work on comic pages offline, it's crazy, shouldn't be like that! So let's make things right.

Oh since we're in this topic about connecting more with the watchers, I have a discord group that you can hangout and chill, you're always welcome to join:


Changes are:

  • No longer earlier pages on patreon (but still going to share the high res files and previews only there!)
  • Now I will be streaming comic content! Yay freedom!!
  • More spontaneous stuff and less stress ^^

I want to thank everyone that supported me on this decision and a special thanks to those who are with me because they believed in me and my art and don't care about rewards <3

I'll soon remove the parts that mention early content from my patreon description and the future comic pages aren't going to have that line either.

No more 7 days comic page delay!


14 February 2017 at 16:19:25 MST

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