Zig Zag Brewery Photo Shoot by SilverSheep

On Sunday the 12th of February I was invited to do a photo shoot at the Zig Zag Brewery. The photo shoot was to promote the upcoming Ironfest event coming up in April. Ironfest is an event for different cosplayers and steam punks to dress up and have a good time. Some of the local furries go to it as well. Lord Darius Foxworth, Stripes Tiger, Elliot the Dinosaur and Warbrin Folf are regulars to the event. The number of furries attending has grown over the years and now they have a headless lounge planned for this year.

Both Elliot and Lord Darius invited me to the photo shoot. They wanted a furry photographer because the other photographers often ignore the fursuiters. I was happy to help and I reckon I got some good shots. I ended up with three cameras Elliot's camera, Stripes Tiger's phone and my DSLR. I tried to take photos on each camera and it was fun to be part of the action. True to Elliot's warning the rest of the photographers and cosplayers disappeared and left us furries to ourselves. They even forgot to find us for lunch that was to be provided. The owner of Lithgow Valley Springs gave us each a bottle of their spring water that they make there. At least he didn't forget us.

Lord Darius was kind enough to give me a lift there and back so he picked me up from my house and we drove down to the location. We arrived early and we got some photos in before returning to meet up with Elliot and Stripes Tiger. A little while later Kevin Rusty arrived. The fursuiters suited up and we headed down to the oval near the brewery for the group photo. We headed back the suiters had a cool down break and we went into the brewery's buildings for more photos. That was the end of the photo shoot so we packed up and headed back home.

It was a fun day out and I enjoyed playing with high speed sync on my camera's flash. Using fill flash makes for better portraits especially when the subjects backlit. My next furry photographic adventure will be at the 11th of March fur meet at bicentennial park in Sydney.

Zig Zag Brewery Photo Shoot


13 February 2017 at 22:53:14 MST

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