#Fanboy [NOVELS] Wings of fire by Akelun

Hello! How are you, everyone?

Here, I write a new journal... without good reason for once. Just because... I wanted to. I wanted to share this. I wanted to share this unbelievable novels serie that really makes me dream and travel in a wonderful world: "Les royaumes de feu" FR from Tui T. Sutherland.

I don't know if you know those novels and if that's the case, if you love them as much as me, but damn it, I love everything!
Well, first of all... because there are dragons! . <3
... Ok-OK! It's too easy! XD
But that's not the only thing! The descriptions... Fast, simple, but clear. And more especially... The characters. Damn! I really love how they are! Their differencies, their personalities, their reactions when something's happening... Yeah, I love everything!
And even the COVERS! HOLY SHIT! They're SO WELL drawn!!! =D
And for once, the drawings in the cover are the same in the English novels as well than in the French novels (on the contrary of the covers of Harry Potter which was a total mess compared to the English covers... ><)!

If you love novels... and fantasy... and dragons... I really advise you to take a look at those novels! They're so awesome! I devoured each of these volumes in ONE day. And DAMN! I would be so happy to be a native English-speaker. Because then, I won't be stopped at the 6th volume and have to wait for the next to be translated (Already 10 volumes in English, and the 7th will be translated in French in September... T.T)

And finally, if you already know those novels, don't hesitate to share your opinions about them as well, I'd be glad to hear them. =D

But please, NO spoil! Or I'll nom your horns and catch your wings with my claws! è.é
He! He! XP

#Fanboy [NOVELS] Wings of fire


5 February 2017 at 17:51:38 MST

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