~ On Printing & Stuff ~ by JonasPride

Since I'm don't own a printer that makes any kind of useful prints (yet, maybe... ) .. I'm currently offering my prints on these sites for those who wanna get something physical.


And coming soon,..


Stuff for InkedFur -SHOULD- be going up on the weekend. If there's any thing in my gallery you want to buy that A) Isn't already up and B) isn't supported by the other two sites, and C) I have permission to make prints of; let me know, and I'll see about getting it posted.

Eventually I'll do some Daki's and maybe wall scroll stuffs, but that'll be for later. I wanna see if this gets anyone's interests. Let me know what you think, please! :D

Until then, I am still busy on my current project. Expect an updated ToS and Commission sheet, as well as a possible "go-to" commission form so peoples can just fill out a thingy. Slots will be a bit more limited, and painting slots will probably be separate for the rest of my commissions (1 or 2 at a time), so as to not fuck me over and cause another long wait.

SketchNIGHTS and regular streaming will commence after this, but I will be focusing on other stuff, too, that isn't furry/anthro related. Just so you know. :P

One more thing. It was suggested to me that a Patreon would NOT be a bad idea, but I'm still curious what anyone thinks.

I appreciate all feedback. :3


~ On Printing & Stuff ~


2 February 2017 at 08:16:01 MST

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