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My final photo count is 1000 convention photos. I have published quite a few so far. The reception of my ConFurgence photos has been great with many favourites and positive comments. I have a much greater pool of usable photos to pick from than I did from FurDU. Only a small percentage of photos are completely unusable.

I have learnt some lessons from the convention insofar as camera gear I should take. The must have item is the Gary Fong Lightsphere this peace of gear has made for wonderful results with most of my photos being indoors even ones from the fursuit walk. I lucked out that the venue had white ceilings and even the marquee had a white cloth that make the bounce flash work so well.

My flash gun worked a treat it only let me down when it overheated I think after taking many photos at the fursuit walk. I need to work out how to make it beep while it is recharging between flashers so that I don't waste a shot between cycles. It got heavy after a while being a big heavy beast of a thing. It got really uncomfortable after shooting the fursuit walk. In general it was fine and I could remove it and put it in the holster that fit on my backpack strap.

As far as lenses most of the time I used my 18 - 55mm kit lens. The second most used lens was the 28mm prime I didn't take advantage of it's maximum aperture with the lowest setting I went to was f/5.6. I took out my 50mm prime at the Sunday dance party only and even then I relied of my flash and not my aperture to get good exposures. The least used lens was my 55 - 200mm zoom that only came out for the fursuit games.

I took my best photos inside with my camera on manual mode ISO 800 aperture f/8 or f/5.6 at 1/200th sec shutter speed. I set my flash to TTL mode only. I took constantly good photos with these settings. Photos that were under exposed could be saved in Lightroom easily. I only stuck problems when I took photos too quickly that the flash wasn't ready. Some of the dance party shots got overexposed it may have been my wider aperture settings on the 50mm prime lens.

My worst photos came when I used natural light outside. I went outside for a photo shoot with Dasprid and forgot to take my camera off ISO 800 the shots from this looked bad because the sky was burnt out to grey. Some of the shots of Arti Husky and Freon that I took outside got ruined by blown highlights under the shade of the courtyard trees. Some of the shots of the ByCat4Cats suiters needed a fill light because they were backlit when the fursuiters faced toward the hotel. I also forgot the set the ISO lower for the first few photos in the ByCat4Cats group shot. Lastly some of the photos in the marquee after the fursuit walk had a too slow shutter speed because I was shooting in aperture priority mode and not watching my shutter speed.

Some of my kit that I didn't use at all was my tripod and monopole they stayed in my suitcase all convention. Next time I could consider not taking them. I could have left my second camera battery behind too I needed a second set of flash batteries instead. I missed out on getting shots of some of the suiters at the Sunday dance because my flash ran out of power.

On another note I am getting some positive feedback on my fursona Silver Sheep. Silvixen said "By far the best looking sheep character I've come across." ok cool but then I clicked on her profile and found out she is a furry artist with nearly 5000 followers on FA! I must be doing something right for a artist to say that about my character. It's like if BlitzGShep asked me to do a photo shoot at MFF or something. I also got a shock when Toxi De Vyne completed my commission before I have finished uploading my convention photos. Zoom!

Papafurazzi Nerd Talk


25 January 2017 at 07:53:27 MST

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