Hey all of you furverts fapping to Triad's Comic by anjel

I finally (after months of pestering and badgering) convinced TriadFox TriadFox to make a Pateron with the intention of garnering monetary support for finishing the first part of his comic: Outfoxing the 5-0

Now that he's graduated with his Bachelor's in applied science in web design from ASU (sorry gotta brag), he can finally devote more time to drawing that awesome comic that I know a sizable portion of you out there have fapped to before, so why not give a little back (after you wipe off your hands) and actually donate to seeing this comic project through? Rewards include not only mention in the first printing for the graphic novel we hope to get published, but also being entered into an elite pool of patrons that can get commissions from Triad. And unlike me who, who whored my art for meager means, Triad's art is very coveted as he has never done commissions and only has done very rare gift art for friends.

Plus, you'll get to support a comic, unlike anything else in the fandom. For while yes, there is porn, and there is going to be a lot more porn, this comic is a lot deeper than that, and we have plans for the next 2 installments which are going to be of Phillip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson levels as the story progresses. He intends on working on the comic regardless, but with your help and support, he can actually devote more of his time, energy and effort into seeing it through a lot sooner and really taking it to whole new levels comparable to nothing else in the fandom, perhaps in the comic media at all. Even if it's just a dollar a month, that can help tremendously and really help to boost his esteem and confidence in finishing this project. And I will be happy to help chip in on rewards with badges and what not if folks are willing to contribute.

Thank you for all your continued support and attention, and we hope to see folks at FC, where we will be giving out free samples of our incense blends to the lucky few fursons who intrigue us and also promoting his comic, and generally be fur fags with Triad's fursuit head I am in the process of finishing now. See y'all in San Jose and happy 2017!

Hey all of you furverts fapping to Triad's Comic


6 January 2017 at 01:01:16 MST

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