New year of 2017 + Birthday by KimpZe

Well isn't that nice, here we are everyone, 2017!

Like most say 2016 has been a rough year, and i truly have had my fair share of it with my bad economical situation and all that comes with it.
But it has not all been bad, because there's been many good things as well!
Like in march i got an fursuit of my sona which was a huge happy event along with the con of NFC'16,
and as well as a new tablet which is drastically better then the older one, having gotten the opportunity to draw more as well along with it, which has resulted in a lot
more art this year then i previously have made, even if it isn't an constant outcome i still been drawing a lot more, which feels great!
That should also be visible with the raise of quality in my art over the year, trying to improve as much i can over each work i do.

So i think 2016 will be an highlighted year i will remember in the future with all its events, and gladly embrace this new year of 2017!
Starting so conveniently with my birthday which occurs tomorrow (January 3) which is so conveniently placed right after Christmas and new years, i know XD

I'm also happy with the start of doing commissions for people!
Having my price-list made and feel good to be able to spread my skill to others idéas!

I don't really tend to write much deep stuff or anything, so i hope this lil journal is a good way of just saying Happy new year to you my sweet watchers who i dearly appreciate, thank you, every single one of you for an interesting 2016, and 2017... Let's GO!


  • Good and bad 2016, looking forward for 2017
  • Birthday january 3rd
  • Embrace 2017!
  • I love -YOU-!

New year of 2017 + Birthday


2 January 2017 at 15:02:32 MST

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