♥ KimpZe | 21 | Winged Red Fox | Artist | Femboy | Mated ♥

Welcome to my profile!

I can start by saying hello to you ^u^ shakes your paw, hand, tail whatvever to greet you

My name is Kim or "KimpZe" as many call me and which is my Internet alias ^^

I am a regular red fox with a lil twist of two black wings! Yaeys <3 flaps them happily ♥ ♥

I am also a femboy, and adore anything that is cute 'n curvy @u@.

If there is anything else just ask in a note or add me on skype =3

I do occasionally draw stuff and wanted to try doing commissions, so if you are interested in one, write to me and we'll work something out!~
And i'm a FemboiVerifiedArtist

♥♥ kimpze&wolfspawn ♥♥
♥A wolfie found me the summer of -14, now he wont let me go♥

Species: Fox
Age: 21
Music type/genre: anything & nothing
Favorite movie: harry potter 1 - 7 (8?)
Favorite game: Dota 2
Favorite game platform: PC
Favorite artist: A bucnh, hard to name them all.
Favorite animal: Snakes, Foxes, Bunnies and Dragons
Favorite website:
Favorite food: Spaghetti bolgonese
Personal quote: " don't laugh until you're on the other side of the bridge "

Latest Journal

I created a donation page

on 22 December 2017 at 03:09:25 MST

Hello there, seeing how i got a increased amount of people who enjoy my art i took the chance to create a Ko-Fi page.
Ko-Fi is a service where you buy "coffee" for the page you donate to, which translate to a 3$ donation.

So if you like my stuff and want to support my future work please consider visiting the page and buy me a coffee <3
Donate here

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    Nah its cool. Not many people go to my weasyl account so I'm just glad someone is enjoying them =P

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    Thank you for the fave.