"2016 sure was a year." by TheTwinny

2016 sure was a year.

Once again I managed to get through a year faced with even more setbacks. Once March came around my adulthood rapidly adjusted to when I really did have to be more independent. Yeah, that too wasn't an easy task and at a point almost reached defeat, both mentally and physically...

But thankfully resisted that defeat and kept on. Sure the thought of juggling such responsibility led to moments of when my anxiety reared itself few years ago but even then I was able to fend off the most extreme cases of it.

That made the last few months of 2016 be a turbulently safe ride for me, so to speak. Not only was I was able to make sure I continue to have a place be called home but I had positive distractions from the onslaught of negative emotions that struck at me.

One such is my twin brother Tyquann, who I'm very thankful stayed with me despite himself not being to return to college in the process due to a mishap. If he did left, I'd likely would've been in such a depressive rut the only way out of it would've been death.

Others are the people I've still have contact with online. Fortunate for another year I've been able to maintain such contact with them in some cases create new friendships among them. Some even helped out when times gotten so bad for my brother and I.

In closing, do hope that things personally turn for the better in 2017. Not just for me but also for my brother, certain family members, friends old and new, and most importantly my mother.

Happy New Year.

"2016 sure was a year."


31 December 2016 at 10:46:37 MST

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