Overdue Update by Jeto Calihan

So the semester is over now, K.I.C III will start soon, and the art will begin to flow! Actually no, only that first part is true. So I thought This was going to be my last semester working on my bachelors degree, but either they changed the requirements slightly or me and the counselor misread the confusing ass "GPS system" my school uses last spring. Because despite passing all of my classes I still need 8 more credit hours. Well, supposedly this time it's for sure so we'll see. Thankfully it's only 8 hours which does leave me some time for my own pursuits, and I have begun working on K.I.C. III. But there are still two issues with that.
1) I was living on borrowed time beforehand and I've run short on good will. If I'm neither actually employed or actively looking for a job I'll be kicked out. And once I do find a job, that will likely take up most of what little time I have left over.
2) I'm trying something new with III, writing wise and hopefully art wise as well. And I really want to hammer out all the kinks before moving on. Pun intended.

But I do really want to start drawing again so... Do expect to see SOMETHING... Just not sure exactly what yet...

Overdue Update

Jeto Calihan

30 December 2016 at 10:58:57 MST

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