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Greetings Season 2016 by D'Otter

There are some people in some places who get their panties in a twist over other people wishing them Happy Holidays. In their narrow, little, Protestant worlds, it's all about Jesus's birthday, (which probably actually happened some time in April, if he was a real person at all), and they bitterly -- oh, so very bitterly -- resent the lack of a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!" on every pair of lips. If you run into one of those people, give them a copy of this list. (If you are one of those people, read carefully.)

This Is A List Of Every Holy Day And Related Secular Occasion Between Advent Sunday And Twelfth Night.

November 27th - Advent Sunday (Catholic), Christ the King (Christian)
November 30th - St Andrew's Day (Christian)
December 6th - St Nicholas Day (Catholic)
December 8th - Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (Christian), Bodhi Day/Rohatsu (Buddhist)
December 10th - Human Rights Day (Secular)
December 11th - Milad un Nabi (Islam, at sunset, Prophet's birthday)
December 12th - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Hispanic Catholic)
December 14th - Monkey Day (Secular)
December 15th - Zamenhof Day (Secular)
December 16th - Posadas Navidenas (Hispanic Christian, to the 25th), Beethoven's Birthday (1770)
December 21st - Winter Solstice (science), First Day of Winter (official), Yule (Pagan & Christian), Yalda (Zoroastrian)
December 23rd - Humanlight (Secular Humanist), Festivus (rest of us), Christmas Adam (because Adam came before Eve)
December 24th - Hanukkah begins (Jewish, at sunset, to January 1st), Christmas Eve (Christian)
December 25th - Christmas Day (Christian & secular), Feast of the Nativity (Orthodox Christian), Newtonmas (Secular Humanist)
December 26th - Boxing Day (nobody really knows), St Stephen's Day (Catholic), Zarathosht No-Diso (Zoroastrian), Beginning of Kwanzaa (to January 1st), Wren Day (Irish Catholic), National Whiners Day (Secular)
December 28th - Holy Innocents (Christian)
December 30th - Holy Family (Catholic)
December 31st - New Year's Eve (Secular), Watch Night (Christian)
January 1st, 2017 - New Year's Day (Secular), Mary Mother of God (Catholic), Feast of St Basil (Orthodox Christian), Holy Name of Jesus (Orthodox Christian), Gantan-sai (Shinto New Year's Day), (end of Hanukkah - Jewish), (last day of Kwanzaa), beginning of Hot Tea Month (Secular)
January 2nd (Monday) - Observation of New Year's Day (where it's a statutory holiday), Day After New Year's Day (Secular)
January 5th - Twelfth Night (Christian, twelfth day after Christmas, Pentecost eve), Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (Sikh)

TOTAL OCCASIONS: 46 (forty six) (non-Christian: 28)

...and that's why we call it "The Holidays."

Greetings Season 2016


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